(Not) Too Late For Billy?

One suspects the words were spoken through gritted teeth, but it appears a DUP councillor has publicly apologised to the Sinn Fein councillor in Coleraine, Billy Leonard. The act of atonement was precipitated by the threat of legal action after the DUP Mayor attempted to exclude the solitary Sinn Fein council member from a function in which the rate-payer was footing the bill. This follows on from the DUP being similarly bitten in Lisburn (twice): once, when attempting to exclude Sinn Fein councillors from committees and, secondly, after initially voting against permitting civil partnership ceremonies to be performed in the designated function room in the Civic Centre. It would appear that the DUP are finding threats of legal action to be a considerable obstacle to the outworking of their policies.

  • Jill Robinson

    Awesome, an Ulsterman apologizing for something! This is the news equivalent of Man Bites Dog.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Of course, nobody grits their teeth around Billy Leonard quite like all the rest of Sinn Fein.

  • Just a quick note..

    About the reference to the votes in Lisburn Council in re: Civil Partnerships

    It wasn’t quite the narrow party political issue implied.

  • Brian Boru

    What exactly were the remarks anyone know?

  • belfastwhite

    Willie Frazier’s victory against Newry and Mourne has set a precedent. From now on if any group for instance a reformed United Irishmen want to use council Property in places like Larne, Lisburn and Ballymena the council have to think twice before the deny permission. Fair play to Willie civil rights have been enhanced due to his stance.

  • Bretagne

    Was this sackcloth and ashes?