Loyalist feud?

Brian Rowan looks at some of the internal politics after the expulsion of Johnny Adair from the UDA. David Gordon asks ‘what happens next?’ The Scotsman reports:

“…a demand was made for east Belfast, south Belfast and south-east Antrim UDA brigadiers to quit their posts. The Red Hand Defenders – a grouping believed to be a cover for the LVF and Adair’s unit – called on three commanders to resign or face ‘military action’.”

It appears that the UDA are split over Adair: “…statements claiming to come from west Belfast, north Belfast and North Down UDA branches opposed his expulsion.”

Sharon O’Neill, in the subscription only Irish News, quotes a senior source within the security forces:

“…[this] tinderbox situation could ignite at any moment and cast doubt on the strength of Adair’s position. Johnny is isolated. He has no friends other than the LVF. The UDA in north Belfast don’t know what way to jump at the moment. They (rival loyalists) are sitting back, armed to the hilt, waiting to see who blinks first. It may fade away or there could be bloodbath but we expect it will break out again at some point. We are doing everything we can to stop them.”

Currently on the sidelines of this rift in Loyalism, David Ervine claimed that the UVF remains on ceasefire.

Update: John White, Adair’s close ally and friend, has also been expelled from the UDA. Adair denies expulsion.