Street violence continues

The violence at the interfaces continues. There is no shortage of condemnation by unionists and ministers, but as yet there seems to be no viable resolution to whatever cause turns out to be. Des Browne on the Westminster NI team, continues his talks with various parties to find some means to end the violence.

Despite a chilling warning from the INLA, John Murtagh of the IRSP, called for a non-aggression pact between the republican Bogside and loyalist Fountain areas of Derry. He went on to outline his party’s attitude towards continuing an ‘armed struggle’:

“Over the past six years the IRSP and INLA have been re-evaluating, re-examining and renewing, in the light of current realities, our policies and principles. Other republicans believe that the continuation of armed struggle will bring about a Republic; that by clinging to absolutes they can by the purity of their principles convince “the people” to back them. We think they should reconsider and reflect on the dividends of the 30 years of armed struggle.”