Gerry Adams’ ‘delinquent’ story on the Cahill case?


Alleged ‘abuse’ victim Maíria Cahill took to Twitter to reject a statement issued by Gerry Adams via the Sinn Féin website.

Adams was reacting to allegations made on BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight:

In his statement Adams said:

In the Spotlight programme, broadcast last night, Mairia Cahill made an accusation relating to a meeting with myself. I totally refute the allegations Mairia made about our conversation.

I met Mairia in good faith, at the behest of her cousin and my late friend Siobhan O’Hanlon who was concerned for Maria’s welfare following an episode of self-harming.

When I learned of the allegation of abuse from Siobhan, she told me that Mairia was refusing to go to the RUC. Siobhan and I met with Joe Cahill who was Mairia’s uncle. We told Joe of the allegation and asked him to speak to Mairia about reporting this to the RUC. He did so. Mairia did not want to do this at that time.

I have contacted my solicitor with regard to the allegations made against me in the Spotlight programme.”

Maíria Cahill responded via a series of tweets from her Twitter account which has grown from 26 followers before the programme aired to over 1,000.

First proof of Gerry Adams lies. 1. He says he met me at behest of Siobhan O’Hanlon. Only Adams arranged the meeting himself with me.

Mairia 1

2. He says he was asked to meet me by Siobhan following a period of ‘self harming. Only problem for Gerry. My medical notes will confirm

Mairia 2

3. That I never self harmed in 2000. Gerry Adams is a liar who has just released a very personal inaccurate detail to the media. Disgusting.

Mairia 3

Should Gerry Adams wish to test the strength of my allegations, he should sue me. I welcome it. Because I have irrefutable evidence.

Mairia 4

Today on Newstalk FM’s Lunchtime show Maíria Cahill described Gerry Adam’s statement as “more than economical with the truth” and called for a meeting with Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald.



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