Gerry Adams’ ‘delinquent’ story on the Cahill case?


Alleged ‘abuse’ victim Maíria Cahill took to Twitter to reject a statement issued by Gerry Adams via the Sinn Féin website.

Adams was reacting to allegations made on BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight:

In his statement Adams said:

In the Spotlight programme, broadcast last night, Mairia Cahill made an accusation relating to a meeting with myself. I totally refute the allegations Mairia made about our conversation.

I met Mairia in good faith, at the behest of her cousin and my late friend Siobhan O’Hanlon who was concerned for Maria’s welfare following an episode of self-harming.

When I learned of the allegation of abuse from Siobhan, she told me that Mairia was refusing to go to the RUC. Siobhan and I met with Joe Cahill who was Mairia’s uncle. We told Joe of the allegation and asked him to speak to Mairia about reporting this to the RUC. He did so. Mairia did not want to do this at that time.

I have contacted my solicitor with regard to the allegations made against me in the Spotlight programme.”

Maíria Cahill responded via a series of tweets from her Twitter account which has grown from 26 followers before the programme aired to over 1,000.

First proof of Gerry Adams lies. 1. He says he met me at behest of Siobhan O’Hanlon. Only Adams arranged the meeting himself with me.

Mairia 1

2. He says he was asked to meet me by Siobhan following a period of ‘self harming. Only problem for Gerry. My medical notes will confirm

Mairia 2

3. That I never self harmed in 2000. Gerry Adams is a liar who has just released a very personal inaccurate detail to the media. Disgusting.

Mairia 3

Should Gerry Adams wish to test the strength of my allegations, he should sue me. I welcome it. Because I have irrefutable evidence.

Mairia 4

Today on Newstalk FM’s Lunchtime show Maíria Cahill described Gerry Adam’s statement as “more than economical with the truth” and called for a meeting with Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald.



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  • Michael Henry

    ” Should Gerry Adams wish to test the Strength of my Allegations he should sue me. I welcome it. Because I have irrefutable evidence “-

    Why did Maria not give this irrefutable evidence to the BBC programme-

    Gerry Adams has said the contact with Maria did not go the way that she told the BBC- is Maria going to sue Gerry for implying that she is lying-

  • Jag

    Well, if we are to judge by the “body language” of tweets and press statements, Ms Cahill’s is certainly the more passionate, human and poignant. But, is this really how we should be judging the validity of what appear to be differing versions of what took place?

  • Starviking

    Because Gerry has just brought those points up?

  • Dixie Elliott

    [….]”Even so, she wrote an article for An Phoblacht about her uncle Joe after he died. Inside, she was falling to pieces. She was on anti-depressants and sleeping tablets for nine years after she was raped. In 2006, she was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital after trying to kill herself.

    Gerry Adams asked to meet her on release. “The first thing he said was, ‘Are you still writing?’ I lost my temper at his casual tone. I told him I’d been treated disgracefully and never once had the republican movement told me to go to the police or social services. I asked him to guarantee that no one abused would ever again be treated that way.”[…]

    Hospital records Gerry…Hospital Records!!

  • Dixie Elliott

    Also surely her Great Uncle Joe Cahill would have known had Mairia self-harmed? Surely her cousin Siobhan O’Hanlon would have informed him before going to Adams.

    And surely her parents would have known she was self-harming?

  • Gopher

    The problem for Gerry with this, is Mairia’s defense lawyer, even one with limited ability, will have little difficuly proving that the truth and Mr Adams do not exist on the same planet making him completely unreliable as an injured party in any liable action.. Co incedently is this the first time Gerry has named dropped people that have long since passed away in relation to scaffolding for his side of the story?

  • $33309652
  • Michael Henry

    Pushed out of where- Hugh stood and the democratic loving people hates the ground he walks on- some be nice to him to be nice but people don’t vote for him-it kills him like it kills him to stay on topic-

  • hugh mccloy

    In 6 months you will be in the past and not even a transfer of votes will help you stay in this time. Says alot about the who likes who when you needed a party and uncle and decimated sdlp to even get in

    Lets stay on topic, 2 different counts of child abuse cover ups on the leader of your party now public, why are the ranks closing around and defending him instead of ousting him.

    In my time in fathers for justice no matter who any allegation ended a rep, after all we stood for childrens rights to protect them from government, social services and others.

    Staying on topic, the cover up of the abuse of his own family member and allowing his brother to maintain a relationship with children is like telling every priest who your party lambasted that the first time does not count but if you do it a second time and get caught your a danger. But that was not the statement that came from your party was it?

    Lets stay on topic to those who dont know, your the alter ego of the sf councillor Michael McIvor, and left with enough rope hung yourself with it on several comments over various sites proving this, and also proving it to the reporter you lied to 🙂

    Like the labour party in england who you are so close to, the peado rings in gov who were and are protected are slowly through various mediums all going to come to light

    So you can thank me later for the mid uslter mail articles as I don’t think they liked the way you lied to them to cover up and staying on topic that seems to be the theme for your party.

    Your wee digs at me don’t bother me much, long after your retired by your party who helped you cover up your alter ego in the media I will still be around. Your even foolish enough to keep writing and proving that you have to hid behind a fake name to comment in public,

  • The Firemen

    Very interesting Hugh. Surely not more Sinn Fein shenanigans?

  • Ulick

    The visible glee with which Dixie Elliot and others have jumped on this despite the lack of substantiated evidence is extremely distasteful. At the end of the day no proof of anything has been presented in these latest Tweets and highlighting them does nothing more than cause further hurt and stoke animosity.

  • hugh mccloy

    Definitely more of the cookstown councillors shenanigans

  • Michael Henry

    Still most Journalists not asking Mairia to tell her irrefutable evidence- ( like most on this site also )-

    Tell your irrefutable evidence Mairia or at least admit to your reporter followers that you sold them a pup-

  • chrisjones2

    Are you a SF Councillor? WHy are you hiding your ID? WHo is breifing you on these posts attacking a rape victim?

  • bellefast

    I trust you’re going to be asking Adams what his proof is that he’s telling the truth? I’m sure you don’t follow blindly someone who has now been implicated in the cover up of two “alleged” abuse cases. Have you a number in your head of how many cases he’s alleged to have been involved in before you begin to question him? Maybe another 2 women? 10?

  • Michael Henry

    Alleged- Mairia made a public statement that she had irrefutable evidence – but you cover your eyes ears mouth typing fingers to that fact- ask her to tell the truth for once in her life-

  • bellefast

    Yes, she should be more like Gerry – open and transparent, never known to tell a lie, and forthcoming with all facts as soon as he’s asked for them.

  • Eileen Calder

    “Further hurt” – Ulick. “Poor Padraig” – Shaun Woodward. I’m glad the moral compasses are still working as normal for Republican supporters and Ex British government Ministers, God Forbid that anyone would actually believe that Maria experienced rape, intimidation and injustice when we all know the true victims are the IRA, Sinn Fein, the Public Prosecution Service and the PSNI.

  • easttyrone
  • NMS

    I have checked the twitter feeds of various Sinn Féin elected reps. Complete and total silence about the issue. Are they hanging Gerry out to dry, or do they hope the story will go away?

  • bellefast

    Well said.

  • chrisjones2

    Who is he?

  • hugh mccloy

    He is the sitting Sinn Fein Councillor for Cookstown: Michael McIvor, he likes to use this alias to create a stir

  • mickfealty

    A note. I’ve had to take some posts done because there are legal sensitivities. If you see anything dodgy LET ME KNOW!

  • Glenn Clare

    What about the Briege Meehan who was a member of the shinners when she was accused of abusing her stepdaughter.
    Is this another shinner/provo cover up of child abuse???

  • Comrade Stalin

    They moved Briege off the council quickly and quietly as soon as those allegations came out. I think they were published in the Tribune around the same time as the Áine Tyrell story.

  • IRA murdered a garda
    SF lobbied for their early release
    is that a pup ?

  • if enda was involved in a similar situation
    sinn fein would be the first ones to ”speak out”

  • the IRA abused /murdered people
    SF made excuses for them and still do
    is that slander ?

  • am i the only one who remembers mary lou and pearse doherty lying about abuse victims within the republican movement ?
    it was the week mandela passed away

  • the IRA abused people
    the IRA murdered people
    SF made excuses for them and they still do