The DUP and Sinn Fein block hunting with dogs ban…

Thanks to the DUP and Sinn Fein the private member’s bill to ban hunting with dogs was defeated by 45 votes to 38 in the Assembly on Monday.

Animal welfare charity, the USPCA, had backed the bill.

It said it was “very disappointed” with the outcome.

“This result is contrary to the views of the public, as outlined in the consultation response and in previous public opinion polls,” said USPCA chief executive Brendan Mullan.

“Hunting wild mammals with dogs is sadistic and cruel and has no place in an advanced and compassionate society.

“We are staggered that half of our political representatives do not hold this view and encourage members of the public to reflect on whether their views have been appropriately represented on this issue.”

A public consultation saw more than 18,000 respondents, with 80% in favour of a ban.

You expect these things from the DUP, but it is a bit more curious what’s in it for Sinn Fein? It is strange to find the party of the people defending the murderous hobbies of toffs. There are not many hunts in Ballymurphy or the Bogside.

With blatant hypocrisy, Sinn Fein is trying to ride two horses by supporting a ban in the Republic but blocking a ban in Northern Ireland.

The hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed.

Could we not have had a compromise and agreed to just kneecap the foxes?