DUP overtaken by both the Ulster Unionists and TUV in latest poll…

Bad news for the new DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson. A Lucid Talk poll for the Belfast Telegraph has the DUP on 13%, TUV 14% and UUP 16%. Sinn Fein is on 25%, the SDLP on 13% and Alliance on 13%.


In recent years polling has been about as accurate as reading chicken entrails *, but it is still a good insight into the state of play as we go into Assembly Elections next year. There is likely no stopping Sinn Fein from taking the First Minister job but I think they will give Conor Murphy the role. I have no basis for that view other than a hunch.

Interesting times indeed.

* This is not a dig at Lucid Talk rather I am talking about polling generally. I believe it is really common for people to say one thing to pollsters and then vote completely different. The only poll that matters is election day.