#InConversation podcast with Greg Keefe from Queen’s about rebuilding our cities and societies after Covid-19…

Greg is one of my favourite guests. He is a very imaginative thinker who really makes you see the world in a new light. He has a very down to earth casual manner that explains complex topics is an accessible way. You will be guaranteed to learn something interesting from our chat.

Greg is Head of the School of Natural and Built Environment. He is an academic and urban designer with 25 years of experience. In this podcast we chat over a wide range of topics:

Pandemics affect city design, desire lines, how industrialisation compartmentalised life, people who enjoy their jobs like working from home, the importance of boredom, overprotected kids, why cars kill cities, driverless cars, the future of the office, why young people should be the focus for city investment, how electric bikes and scooters can transform cities, how working from home can revitalise our regional towns, why thinking of Northern Ireland as a hyper low-density city can transform government services and much more…

Let me know what you think of the chat in the comments.

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