RHI Report Published…

Sir Patrick Coghlin has published his long-awaited report into the RHI fiasco. At 656 pages long you will forgive me for not having read it yet (or ever to be honest). The headline findings from the BBC are:

Corrupt or malicious activity was not the cause of what went wrong with Northern Ireland’s failed energy scheme.

The findings into the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme were published on Friday.

It found the scheme was a “project too far” for the NI Executive and “should never have been adopted”.

The scheme, which opened in 2012, paid businesses to switch from oil and gas to environmentally-friendly heating.

The 656-page report said that while there was “unacceptable” behaviour by some officials, ministers and special advisers, what went wrong was a “compounding of errors and omissions over time and a failure of attention”.

So it looks like our glorious leader Arlene Foster is in the clear. With RHI off her plate, she now only has to worry about the potential imminent deaths of thousands from Covid-19.

You can read the report here, or do like the rest of us and wait for Sam McBride to read it all and give us the gist of it.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA