Ah,oh… UK government gets a little rough with the DUP

From the champions of  the precious Union and the busy custodians of devolved  government , the crudest bit of spin I’ve  seen in a long time, so crude it makes me giggle. Not that it isn’t plausible, mind you! I’m sure Sammy will take it on the chin  

One senior minister said the prospect is “very real” and very much on the prime minister’s mind.

A second cabinet minister warned the government risked “sleepwalking into a border poll”.

And a third cabinet minister said there was an understanding in government that a vote on unification would be a “realistic possibility” if the UK leaves the EU without a deal next month.

“If we are party to creating an environment of chaos, disruption and uncertainty – that could move the dial”, the source said.

All three spoke to the BBC on condition of anonymity


No suggestion here of falling for UK government spin and  hinting to  the DUP  to shut up and deal – or else?

Not the subtlest piece of BBC reporting…