UUP calls for May Deal to be voted down with an extension of Article 50

The Ulster Unionists have issued a statement on the Withdrawal Agreement, calling for its rejection.

“The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between Her Majesty’s Government and the EU will erode the constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom and should be rejected.

“The Ulster Unionist Party warned of the potential consequences of the inclusion of the disastrous backstop in December 2017, but the DUP who claimed to be in a position of influence at the heart of UK Government were asleep at the wheel.

“Parliament should now vote down the Withdrawal Agreement and the Prime Minister should make plans for the extension of Article 50 and go back to the negotiating table to attain a deal which preserves the integrity of the United Kingdom and provides longer term stability. Any commitments from Her Majesty’s Government should be contained in legally binding text.