Is a new Ireland achievable or even desirable? – Free event this Wednesday night in Castlewellan…

After the success of our sold-out event in Belfast, we have been invited to run our New Ireland? event again in Castlewellan as part of The Soma Festival.

The event is at 7pm this Wednesday the 18th in Maginns Bar, Castlewellan. Best of all, it is a free event 🙂

Is a New Ireland achievable or even desirable?

Since 2016 there has been renewed interest in the debate about Northern Ireland’s constitutional future. As a community is our future better within the United Kingdom or charting a new course in a United Ireland? Two very different paths sit in front of us and our panel of political experts and politicians aims to tease out the key issues that are central to this debate. Hosted by Slugger O’Toole in partnership with The Soma Festival


  • Alex Kane – political commentator
  • Allison Morris – Irish News security correspondent
  • Chair: Alan Meban (Slugger O’Toole)

The event is free but if you can do us a favour and mark if you are going on the Facebook event page it helps us plan numbers. See you there 🙂

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