Brexit latest sees Coveney urging more clarity with Dodds asking for more logic

The Irish Foreign Minister, Simon Coveney appeared on the Andrew Marr Show this morning to speak about his response to Theresa May’s speech on Friday about the UK’s future partnership with the European Union. Some of his remarks are below;

The DUP Deputy Leader, Nigel Dodds was out with this statement tonight;

“It is in the Republic of Ireland’s economic interests to have a sensible agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. A no deal Brexit would be catastrophic for the Republic. Despite this fact, the Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has thrown his weight behind Brussels. The Irish government’s current approach defies logic.

Last August Her Majesty’s Government published innovative proposals to deal with the United Kingdom / Republic of Ireland border. These were sensible solutions which should have been explored further by the Republic. However, the Irish government has instead thrown its lot in with Brussels and closed down the space to even consider innovative solutions.

Even Michel Barnier has recognised “the solution cannot be based on a precedent.” Rather than vent outrage about the United Kingdom’s democratic decision to leave the European Union, the Irish government should be seriously considering innovative solutions. A good deal for the United Kingdom will mean a good deal for the Republic of Ireland.”