A Question of Identity

The View presenter Mark Carruthers has taken a look into the complexities of identity in Northern Ireland.

In his 30 minute documentary for Radio Ulster he speaks with academics, politicians and members of the clergy about their experiences with identity and what makes up a Northern Irish identity.

As the radio programme starts, Carruthers points out the difficulties that people have in being able to actually pin point what actually makes up Northern Irishness or does such an identity even exist.

Some of the interviews are fascinating with Eamonn McCann in particular giving some really interesting insights in how he views Irishness from a Northern perspective.

The listener is also treated to some under reported facts, a local doctoral researcher, Kevin McNicholl for example points out that the term “Northern Irish” has only been used by the two main parties 154 times in the Assembly since 1998. which is roughly equivalent to the number of times the term “French” was used. Highlighting how both the DUP and Sinn Fein proritise (not surprisingly) their sense of Britishness and Irishness above a Northern Irishness.

The entire programme is worth a listen and can be heard here.