Watch the latest Slugger TV. Allison Morris, Julia Paul and Sophie Long discuss whether the experiment with devolution at Stormont is over…

We are pleased to have Allison Morris from the Irish News guest host this edition of Slugger TV. Her guests are Sophie Long and Julia Paul. You can watch it below at it will also be on NVTV this Friday at 19:45, and repeated on Saturday at 19:45.

You can watch it below at it will also be on NVTV on Friday at 19:45, and repeated on Saturday at 19:45.

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  • mickfealty

    David, ye’ve been ousted!! 😉

  • Oggins

    First slugger TV I have watched and I have to say I enjoyed it.

    Is there any chance we get the panelists to offer a few articles for the website? Sophie Long has a fantastic appreciation of where we are at, big fan of her.

  • Brian O’Neill

    Allison writes for the Irish news but Sophie and Julia have written for slugger before. Hopefully your kind words will encourage them to write more. ?

  • Oggins

    I also follow Allison, I find her fantastic as well. Julia I am sorry I wouldn’t have, but will do after this video.

    I hope they publish more!

  • the keep

    Down puppy 😉

  • Oggins

    Haha ?

  • Gaygael

    Very good!
    Thank you.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    Yes she’s come a long way. Very impressive judgment and shrewd insights and analysis particularly on the structure of parties.
    And wasn’t it great that the dilemmas of unwanted pregancy and abortion anomalies were discussed by women only. It’s also noticeable that there was a shared desire to find common ground whereas had a bloke been there …

  • Claire Mitchell

    So this is brilliant. I don’t want to say it’s especially awesome because it’s 3 women. Because you’ve obv had a lot of clever and interesting dudes on here too 🙂 But seriously, what a brilliant change of tone and hugely insightful discussion.

  • Gerard Green

    Most rational and honest discussion on Northern Irish politics I’ve ever seen. Mainstream TV news appears vacuous and biased in comparison.