Watch Slugger TV episode 2 – A review of the election with David McCann, Chris Donnelly and Nelson McCausland…

Slugger Deputy Editor David McCann discusses this years election results with Chris Donnelly and Nelson McCausland.

The TV Show is new for us so do let us know in the comments what you think.

You can watch the episode above and it will also be broadcast on NVTV tonight at 20.45 & 00.15, and tomorrow at 20.45.


  • Jag

    I was about to recommend you put it on Youtube because of clashes between Vimeo and ad-blockers and security software, but amazingly, the video above works.

    Slugger has a far bigger audience beyond NI (Freeview area), you might consider Youtube simulcast for de furriners.

    Again, great stuff, this is top notch. Well done all!

  • Brian O’Neill

    Because we are doing it in association with NVTV they prefer to put their stuff on vimeo. I find vimeo tends to be better video quality.

    We have also put it up as a facebook video so hopefully this will help with distribution.

  • tmitch57

    Well done in giving an overall summary. I would have liked to see more of a discussion of the specific constituencies where Sinn Fein took seats from the SDLP, and where the DUP took seats from the UUP and how this is likely to be reflected in future Assembly elections. It would have been nice to have at least one academic–a professor of either political science or Irish studies as this would have been maybe less biased than having a former DUP figure like McCausland.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I thought Nelson came across very well (certainly a lot better than I anticipated).

  • ted hagan

    Interesting discussion but ultimately depressing. Twenty years on and surely we could have expected something better than this.

  • Jag

    If you have some budget, the odd graphic here and there would liven things up and maybe help David mark milestones in the programme. eg showing how the DUP vote has increased, showing the Foyle and S Belfast numbers.

    A bit of follow-up from David would also help, eg asking Nelson the difference between a “civic unionist” and a “cultural unionist”.

    A bit of humour wouldn’t go amiss. I know, I know, it’s politics and serious social issues, but isn’t there dark humour in the polarisation of voting, with each tribe coalescing. I suppose you need to play it safe until you get a few more programmes under your belt, but still.

    At the end of the day, what did I learn from 30 minutes? Very little, but then again, I followed the campaign and results. But what did David learn? He had two impressive guests; did he learn anything.

    All in all, this is amazingly polished and quite engaging. Well done to all!

  • ted hagan

    Was he drugs-tested afterwards?

  • David McCann

    Jag, your feedback is really appreciated and I will take this into consideration for the future.

    My approach is to make the show about the guests, I find at times hosts can make it too much about them, but a little more questioning might help things along.

  • mickfealty

    Budget? What’s that? You coming on Thursday by the way?

  • Jag

    Budget is “money”, Mick.

    In terms of broadcast current affairs, that “money” might come from a number of sources, such as community funding (SIF!, peace funding, BCC grant), sponsorship, in programme sponsorship (branded coffee shop mugs? clothes shop, get David suited and booted for free and a bit of sponsor dosh to boot in return for mentioning a certain clothing store), advertising, syndication (RTE has a massive gap on N Irish programming, and it is now broadcasting a Republic-focussed news and current affairs programme online only, a simulcast of Slugger on RTE, £500 for half an hour). If you know someone with a hard neck who can make some calls…

    Thurs from 7pm in Belfast this week for Sluuger at 15 will be difficult for me, but if I can at all, I will be there.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    “Statesman like restraint….” Oh I’ve just remembered his Blog from when he was a minister. No, people can change……..

  • Nordie Northsider

    Coming a bit late to this but I wanted to say what a pleasure it is to hear knowledgeable people being given a chance to develop a point and speak for longer than 30 seconds. Often, the best part of The View or of Sunday Poliics is hearing Newton, Deirde Heenan, Fionnuala O’Connor, Alex Kane et al… but they are moved along all too quickly. In fact, there’s plenty of scope for discussions like this one focussing on themes (cultural unionism vs civic unionism, to use Jag’s example) rather than events (elections). But these two programmes have been a great start.