What do Leo and Simon have to say about the North?

Issues Leo Varadkar Simon Coveney
United Ireland Believes in preparing for Shared Sovereignty or a United Ireland.


However says it needs support in both communities.


Opposes Border Poll now

Wants a White Paper on Irish unity drafted by November 2017.


Supports establishment of an All Ireland Forum in 2018.


Opposes Border Poll now.

North-South relations Supports good relations and commits to help restoring the Executive. Wants joint Dail Committee to examine possibilities for North-South relations.
Brexit Wants NI to remain in the Single Market.


Wants NI to stay in the Common Agricultural Policy, Interreg, Erasmus and other programmes.


Wants Free Trade Agreement between UK and EU.

Opposes a Hard Border.


Wants All Ireland Forum with reps from UK, EU, Ireland and NI to look at issues arising from Brexit.

Contesting Elections in NI Opposes contesting elections at the moment. Believes party should contest elections at some point in the future.
Other issues Backs an Irish Language Act in the North Commits to speaking with Unionist groups as Taoiseach.