Theresa May accuses EU politicians of seeking to influence #GE2017

After visiting The Queen, Theresa May fired the opening shots of the campaign from the steps of Downing Street with what has stunned even some Brexiters.


  • technopolitics

    Using the Downing Street plinth for party election stuff is a no-no, right?

  • stamgast

    lol and how is this gone help solve anything. trowing mud.

  • Annie Breensson

    It has been noted that Mrs May had a penchant for wearing shoes made from crocodile skin. Now we have a more nuanced version of Mrs Foster’s crocodile speech.

  • technopolitics

  • Paul Hagan

    “Have I got News for you” today posted on social media the caption
    “Nation cheers as Theresa May makes a stand against foreigners interfering in elections” next to a picture of one Mr Rupert Murdoch…enough said.

  • Pang

    Nigel Farage started it. He began turning up at our EU treaty referenda over the years, for a pint and a good natured warning on Europe. Then Enda campaigned actively in GB (& I think NI) for a remain vote last year. Maybe when all this is over we will have to stop that sort of thing? It’s not quite the same as the Kremlin interfering in western elections is it?