Arlene Foster begins discussions with Irish Language Groups

Arlene Foster began the DUP’s outreach to sections of the Irish Language speaking community  today by visiting Our Lady’s, Newry to meet with pupils and staff about the language.

From a BBC report;

But speaking during her visit to the school, Mrs Foster said she was on a “journey” when it came to the Irish language and people have “nothing to fear from engaging with another culture”.

Her visit had been an opportunity to “sit back and listen”, she said, adding that she had an “instructive” morning.

“There’s nothing to fear from engaging with another culture, in fact, I think it’s a sign of strength if you engage with another culture that’s not your own and I have to say I was really uplifted this morning by the girls and what they were able to tell me and what they were able to show me,” she said.

“We had a lovely piece of drama, we had a song. We listened to their experiences and it’s wonderful.”

Tomorrow she is set to continue her dialogue with a meeting with Conradh na Gaeilge.