How #RHI disappeared down a rabbit hole and the real pretexts for our Election to Nowhere…

[slideshare id=74649766&doc=niassemblyelectionreview-170407152022]

So on Wednesday night, I gave this round-up presentation on the Northern Ireland Assembly election to the Wales Governance Centre at the University of Cardiff. It has a fairly bleak title, for which I begin by laying out the pretext.

It also contains a slide in which I look in detail at the RHI story and how strangely most of the key matters relating to it were resolved well before the election took place (including the source of the leak: hint: it wasn’t the DUP SpAds).

The Golau Podcast captured most of the sound pretty well, even though I contrived to pull the lapel mic out several times:

They’ve also got the shorter version via an interview I did with Professor Roger Scully, acting director of the Centre: