Revealing interview with Gerry Adams on Stormont talks (includes that ‘complete tube’ comment)…

This is well worth paying attention to. It’s Gerry Adams getting a grilling from an exceptionally well informed Cormac O’hEadhra of RTE on Northern Irish matters (here), the Stormont collapse and the lack of a senior voice for Irish nationalism in Stormont.

  • misrepresents the RHI losses from, at the very worst, a projected £500m over 20 years to £5billion (!!!!) “down the drain”. Given RHI is cited as the reason for SF collapsing the Executive, shouldn’t the President know the basic details?
  • says SF “haven’t left talks” – er, but did Gerry say on Sunday that the talks “run their course”?
  • seemingly confirms there’s been a talks agreement on a Brexit position?
  • appears to reveal that DUP Sunday no show was due to SF not having any new proposals.
  • calls Owen Paterson a complete tube [Respect agenda? – Ed].


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