32 counties of Ireland in 32 days: Armagh

‘In this difficult moment we have seen something special arise. And as Eamonn Mallie tweeted:

“How does one harness forever the extraordinary ecumenical spirit of hope emanating from St Columba’s during Martin McGuinness’s Requiem Mass?”

I reflected on the meaning of yesterday and felt that drawing the landscape of Armagh City would be fitting. I focused on the two Cathedrals, each breaking the skyline. On the left, the Catholic place of worship, and on the right, the Protestant house of worship.


  • the rich get richer

    Whose is the Big House to the left of the Protestant house .

    Do the Catholics always go for the pointy/menacing steeples and do the protestants always go for the Blocky/sturdy setup admitted with further viewing also some pointy menacing though smaller steeples…………

    Is religion any good / workable without the pointy/meanacing side…………

  • Starviking

    Not a big house, a row of houses. It’s Vicars Hill, Georgean terrace houses. Apparently there’s a very nice restaurant there.