32 counties of Ireland in 32 days: Armagh

‘In this difficult moment we have seen something special arise. And as Eamonn Mallie tweeted: “How does one harness forever the extraordinary ecumenical spirit of hope emanating from St Columba’s during Martin McGuinness’s Requiem Mass?” I reflected on the meaning of yesterday and felt that drawing the landscape of Armagh City would be fitting. I focused on the two Cathedrals, each breaking the skyline. On the left, the Catholic place of worship, and on the right, the Protestant house of …

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32 counties of Ireland in 32 days: Fermanagh

WATERSCAPE: Brian continues his odyessy around the 32 counties of Ireland. Today he’s in Enniskillen far from the madness of the rest of the world, pinting rather than punting his way round Ireland’s peerless Lakeland as he goes.

32 counties of Ireland in 32 days: Days 1-4

#irelandin32, the project is simple – one day and one night in each county of Ireland.

I want to challenge myself and others, follow in the footsteps of Jack Yeats and John Millington Synge who wrote and drew about their travels around Ireland, and finally I hope to provide a window into modern Ireland by looking at the major issues affecting us such as Brexit, the economy, the centenaries and the future of the island north and south.