72.4% of patients were waiting more than nine weeks. Target is not more than 50%

The BBC reports that…

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has warned that Northern Ireland patients are waiting too long for surgery.
The latest hospital waiting list figures show 55.3% of patients were waiting longer than 13 weeks to be admitted for inpatient or day case treatment.
Meanwhile, 12% of patients waited more than 52 weeks.


…latest Department of Health statistics reveal more people are having to wait longer on a hospital outpatient appointment in Northern Ireland.
At the end of December, a total of 246,198 patients were waiting – that is 3,057 more people than who were on the same list at the end of September 2016.
About 72.4% of patients were waiting more than nine weeks.
Government targets state that at least 50% of patients should not have to wait any longer than the recommended nine week target.
The number of people having to wait more than a year for an outpatient appointment has also jumped – in three months that figure has increased by about 7,000.
With no additional funding, a budget, or an executive in place, the jump comes as no surprise.

Not really sure why the Opposition haven’t made more of Health as a real issue arising from the breakdown.

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  • hugh mccloy

    They wont say anything because they voted in the assembly to give Bengoa a go.

    To me its time Bengoa went, nothing has materialized from his review.

  • Korhomme

    And this with, apparently, the highest per capita funding in the UK. Where does all the £ go?

  • Jag

    I’m hugely confused.

    In Dublin, the Shinners have gone ape with the numbers on waiting lists (an overall total of 530,000, of which 84,000 have been waiting more than 52 weeks). With the Republic having a population of 4.76m, the waiting lists work out at 111 per 1000 of which 18 per 1000 have been waiting more than 52 weeks.

    Yet, in Northern Ireland with a population of 1.83m, there are 246,198 on waiting lists (with 12%, equal to around 29,000, waiting for more than 52 weeks) which equals 134 per 1000 of which 16 per 1000 have been waiting for more than 52 weeks.

    And yet, the Shinners don’t release a press statement today slamming/blasting the NI waiting list figures. I think they should release a very stern statement indeed. Who on earth is the minister responsible for this chaos, at all, at all.

  • Jag

    The BBC reporting, on which the above is based, is woeful and all over the place mixing up various categories of waiting. The source data itself from the Dept of Health is here.


    No matter how you look at it, the NI figures are bad and getting worse; they’re record bad in many categories. Not a peep from the Shinners.

  • burnboilerburn

    Nice try but there is a significant difference. In the south the waiting lists are a result of FG, FF and Labour austerity policies, policies delivered by them by choice upon the people. In the North the lack of funding is a result of Tory policies which neither SF or indeed any of the NI parties have designed. Apples and Oranges.

  • Jag

    Even the most ardent SF supporters know that’s weak.

    The end results are pretty similar between NI and the Republic. The latter provokes outrage (OUTRAGE, I’m tellin ya) from the Shinners, the former doesn’t even merit a comment, if only to blame the damned Tories.

  • burnboilerburn

    Sinn Fein have on dozens of occassions blamed the daned Tories for the pressures on public services.