Candidates for #AE17

This is not a total list but I thought I would begin with some of the main parties running across all of the 18 constituencies.

DUP- (38 candidates)

North Belfast-Paula Bradley, Nelson McCausland, William Humphreys

West Belfast-Frank McCoubrey

South Belfast-Emma Pengelly and Christopher Stalford

East Belfast- Robin Newton, Joanne Bunting, David Douglas

North Down- Gordon Dunne, Alex Easton

Strangford- Michelle McIlveen, Simon Hamilton, Peter Weir

Lagan Valley- Brenda Hale, Paul Givan, Edwin Poots

Upper Bann- Jonathan Buckley, Carla Lockhart

South Down- Jim Wells

Newry and Armagh- William Irwin

Fermanagh/South Tyrone- Arlene Foster, Lord Morrow

Mid Ulster- Keith Buchanan

East Derry- Maurice Bradley, Adrian McQuillan, George Robinson

North Antrim- Phillip Logan, Paul Frew, Mervyn Storey

West Tyrone-Tom Buchanan

Foyle- Gary Middleton

South Antrim- Trevor Clarke, Pam Cameron, Paul Girvan

East Antrim- David Hilditch, Gordon Lyons, Stephen Ross

Sinn Fein- (34 candidates)

North Belfast-Gerry Kelly, Caral Ni Chuilin

West Belfast- Alex Maskey, Pat Sheehan, Fra McCann, Orlaithi Flynn

South Belfast-Máirtín Ó Muilleoir

East Belfast-Mairéad O’Donnell

North Down-Kieran Maxwell

Strangford- Dermot Kennedy

Lagan Valley- Peter Doran

Upper Bann- John O’Dowd, Nuala Toman

South Down- Chris Hazzard, Sinéad Ennis

Newry and Armagh- Megan Fearon, Conor Murphy, Cathal Boylan

Fermanagh/South Tyrone- Michelle Gildernew, Sean Lynch, Jemma Dolan

Mid Ulster- Ian Milne, Michelle O’Neill, Linda Dillon

East Derry-Caoimhe Archibald, Cathal Ó hOisín

North Antrim- Philip McGuigan

West Tyrone- Barry McElduff, Michaela Boyle, Declan McAleer

Foyle- Raymond McCartney, Elisha McCallion

South Antrim- Declan Kearney

East Antrim- Oliver McMullan

SDLP- (21 candidates)

Foyle – Colum Eastwood, Mark H Durkan

North Belfast – Nichola Mallon

South Belfast – Claire Hanna, Naomh Gallagher

West Belfast – Alex Attwood

South Down – Sinead Bradley, Colin McGrath

Newry/Armagh – Justin McNulty

Fermanagh, South Tyrone – Richie McPhillips

West Tyrone – Daniel McCrossan

North Antrim – Connor Duncan

East Antrim – Margaret Anne McKillop

South Antrim – Roisin Lynch

Strangford – Joe Boyle

Lagan Valley – Pat Catney

East Derry – John Dallat

East Belfast – TBA

Mid Ulster – Patsy McGlone

North Down – Caoimhe McNeill

Upper Bann – Dolores Kelly

UUP (24 candidates)

North Belfast- Robert Foster

West Belfast- Fred Rogers

South Belfast- Michael Henderson

East Belfast- Andy Allen

North Down- William Cudworth, Alan Chambers

Strangford- Mike Nesbitt, Phillip Smith

Lagan Valley- Robbie Butler, Jenny Palmer

Upper Bann- Doug Beattie, Joanne Dobson

South Down-Harold McKee

Newry and Armagh- Danny Kennedy

Fermanagh/South Tyrone- Rosemary Barton

Mid Ulster-  Sandra Overend

East Derry- William McCandless

North Antrim- Robin Swann

West Tyrone- Alicia Clarke

Foyle- Julia Kee

South Antrim- Steve Aiken, Adrian Cochrane-Watson

East Antrim- John Stewart, Roy Beggs

Alliance Party- 21 candidates

East Antrim – Stewart Dickson and Danny Donnelly

East Belfast – Naomi Long and Chris Lyttle

East Londonderry – Chris McCaw

Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Noreen Campbell

Foyle – Colm Cavanagh

Lagan Valley – Trevor Lunn

Mid Ulster – Fay Watson

Newry and Armagh – Jackie Coade

North Antrim – Patricia O’Lynn

North Belfast – Nuala McAllister

North Down – Stephen Farry

South Antrim – David Ford

South Belfast – Paula Bradshaw and Emmet McDonough-Brown

South Down – Patrick Brown

Strangford – Kellie Armstrong

Upper Bann – Tara Doyle

West Belfast – Sorcha Eastwood

West Tyrone – Stephen Donnelly

Green Party (18 candidates)

North Down- Steven Agnew

South Belfast-Clare Bailey

East Belfast- Georgina Milne

Fermanagh South Tyrone- Tanya Jones

Strangford- Ricky Bamford

North Belfast- Mal O’Hara

West Belfast- Ellen Murray –

Upper Bann- Simon Lee –

East Antrim- Dawn Patterson

West Tyrone- Ciaran McClean

Foyle-Shannon Downey

East Derry/Londonderry- Anthony Flynn

Mid Ulster- Stefan Taylor

North Antrim- Mark Bailey

Newry and Armagh- Rowan Tunnicliffe

South Antrim- Eleanor Bailey

Lagan Valley- Dan Barios O’Neill

South Down- Hannah George

A number of you asked me for a gendered breakdown of the candidates; here it is 

Purely in numbers it is;

The subjective one is about how many of each are in winnable seats, my punt is;


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  • rg

    There is no constituency in the election called East Derry.
    It is East Londonderry.

  • Jag

    Hi David, the TUV list is here:

    What’s the story with Jolene Bunting, not selected in North Belfast where the TUV aren’t even fielding a single candidate.

    It’s bad enough when you lose out in a constituency selection, but when there’s no-one else running? Grim.

  • Jag

    Just be thankful David didn’t call it McGuinnessville, or rename Belfast as Adamsville.

  • CatholicLeft

    I worked in a High Security prison in England and was discussing Gregory Campbell with a senior Real IRA prisoner; I mentioned Londonderry East and he gave me the kind of look that I wish I could bottle for those difficult moments….

  • eireanne3

    Which of these candidates in the opening post (and others added afterwards) are members of Loyal Orders?
    Shouldn’t the public know they are voting for an individual with dual/divided loyalties -to party and Order?
    When members of Loyal Orders are elected – which interest predominates – the party’s or the Loyal orders’?
    How does Stormont plan to resolve this conflict of Interest?

  • Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance (C.I.S.T.A.) Barry Brown: West Tyrone. John Lindsay: Foyle. Martin Kelly: Upper Bann. Emmet Crossan: Newry and Armagh.

  • Gopher

    The bus has well and truly been parked by all the parties.

  • Teddybear

    Wow. The SDLP have their sights low. Solo runs in most seats.

    Why don’t we have a list system based on pure PR? Why do we still labour under the fiction that we vote for individuals when we all know it’s party label is what we vote for?

  • Gaygael

    Could i request that we have an analysis of gender balance when full line ups are provided?

  • AntrimGael

    That DUP list wouldn’t look out of place in the 17/18/19th century with many of the medieval, fundamentalist bigots and Flat Earthers on it. Unionism really does deserve ALL the negative press and contempt it gets from normal society.

  • Croiteir

    Any chance of someone compiling a list of doomed, possible and definites?

  • Gopher

    ND DUP have already surrendered the third seat no need for an election here
    Str DUP or UUP
    NB SF
    SB SF or Green or Alliance (too close to call) with a possibility UUP could take a DUP seat.
    EB DUP
    WB Alex Attwood
    EA SF
    SA Alliance or DUP (too close to call)
    NA UUP
    LV DUP or UUP
    SD UUP
    N+A SF
    UB DUP
    MU SF
    F&T SDLP or UUP (Too close to call)
    WT SF or DUP or UUP
    F PBP or SDLP or SF or DUP (take your pick)
    East Londonderry SDLP or Ind or DUP (too close to call)

    Par DUP 31.5
    Par SF 23.32
    Par SDLP 11.64
    Par UUP 13.329
    Par ALL 6.66

    Worst Case loss DUP 9
    Worst Case loss SF 8
    Worst Case loss SDLP 4
    Worst case loss UUP 6
    Worst case loss Alliance 2

  • Msiegnaro

    I would personally vote for someone in the Loyal Orders over someone who is not.

  • Granni Trixie

    You may know that but others “know” that sometimes people vote for a Party and sometimes for an individual. For example, I am not inclined to vote for SDLP in general but would give a high preference ( after APNI ofcourse in my case) to Claire Hanna because I think I would trust her to do the job competently.

  • Reader

    Teddybear: Why don’t we have a list system based on pure PR?
    Because a party list hands power to party bosses, with ugly results. (e.g. Neil Hamilton in Wales). I certainly vote for individuals within a party, and sometimes skip from one party to the next. For instance, when Peter Weir was still in the UUP, I knew him for what he was and left him off my vote.

  • Granni Trixie

    To be devils advocate would the OO not claim you are proposing a discrimination as It is not illegal to be in the OO?

    Candidates usually highlight to the public aspects of their track record which puts them in a good light to attract votes. In some cases this will mean they reveal OO connections but not necessarily. You could always ring Talkback or Nolan to put them on the spot!

    It worth comparing candidates in this respect to the PSNI where the police are obliged to delcare an interest in any group where there is a perceived conflict of interest which includes the OO but does not mean the police cannot belong to OO.

  • Granni Trixie

    How lucky are the Greens to have three Baileys!

  • Granni Trixie

    Will you expand – each of your perspectives is not what we usually hear plus I’m not altogether sure what you mean by your answer.

  • Teddybear

    Does it really matter? Its not as if we have a say over candidates anyway

  • Granni Trixie

    I can see that for convenience you are not highlighting v small parties but it is not unrealistic to ignore the impact of PBP in WB? Or even McCann in Derry? Or Sugden?

  • Ryan A

    Pardon my language but Allister probably doesn’t want her making a tit of herself under the TUV name is why.

  • file

    He probably means the Paddington bear 1,000 mile stare, Granni. It is a good look to have in your armoury. By the way, for the info of yor canvassing mates, since I moved way out to the sticks, the only party to actually turn up at my door ever has been Sinn Féin. All the others let the postman do the work. I should point out that I live in a place that does not actually receive GPS signals, so I am hard to find. But Sinn Féin do find me.

  • file

    Granni, but should it be illegal to be in the Orange Orders? Have a look here at allegations of how the Order uses paramilitaries to get up the Springfield Road, for example.

  • file

    and what exactly was Peter Weir, or what did you know him for?

  • Granni Trixie

    Good for Sf – I mean that!

  • mfbailey

    I would say extremely lucky but then I am one of the Baileys in question.
    And, before you ask, we are not all related.

  • Granni Trixie

    I take what you say on board. I also object to OO rules concerning non attendance at Catholic funerals. I have told the story before for instance of my sons Best friend who felt he had to remain in the church porch at my sons funeral. His lodge had said he must chose and leave the lodge if he attended the mass.
    They knew each other from attending a special needs school.

    I think the incident reveals a lack of Christianity not to say commonsense. And yes, I am aware that OO sectarian speaches have been much more dangerous by inflaming passions leading to violence. I also aware of the history of the OO where it was once intertwined with the Unionist Party and the RUC, ties which largely been officially distangled.

    I have tried to educate myself in recent years about the OO which has broadened my understanding and is an antidote to stereotyping . I have seen the social side of OO for instance especially in rural areas which contributes to the well being of communities. Rather than focus on the “bad” OO I think it best to focus on the scourge of sectarianism in NI and do something about it,
    We are all a work in progress….nobody has a clean sheet.

  • Granni Trixie

    It does matter as it’s indicative of your view of the DUP and of UUP – I mean are you implying that “you always thought he was extreme and now that is confirmed”?

  • Granni Trixie

    Far be it for me to stand up for the practices and ideology of the OO but to me it seems wrong to write off everybody in the OO. I imagine some attachments are genuinely cultural. In any event,pragmatically we are where we are and the OO and other such institutions are part of “us”. My vision is to live and let live, ev n if we all fall down on that ideal at times.

  • the keep

    Yep its good to SF are running there usual combination of killers, bombers, jailbirds and clean faces what a classy bunch of people.

  • nilehenri

    i’m on tenderhooks, will bunting make the final cut or not? her inclusion could only add to the integrity and quality of the unionist debate we currently endure.

  • Msiegnaro

    Surely moderators need to look at comments such as this which incite hate.

  • the keep

    The IRA have the felons club as well……

  • file

    Yes, some of my best friends are dead Orangemen, but it should be illegal for an organisation to promiote sectarianism, as the Orang Order undoubtedly does. This website seems fair comment, although some of it is historical:

  • file

    The IRA was an illegal organisation. The Orange Order is not.

  • file

    ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Miss, Miss. He’s saying bad things that I don’t like. Miss! Tell me how my comment above incites hate, by the way.

  • Msiegnaro

    It illustrates your ignorance at best but if one was more cynical there are undertones of sectarianism.

  • file

    Get your accusation right: are you accusing me of incitement to hatred or sectarianism? I need to instruct my brief so that I can make shitloads of money from you with a libel case.

  • eireanne3

    Granni I am sure that you, even at your venerable age, are well aware of the difference between being a policeman and being a politician!!

    If the Loyal Orders aspire to political power, they are perfectly free to form their own party, write their own manifesto, propose candidates and canvass voters to elect them.

    This is what all parties, of all shades of political opinion, do in all democratic societies

    What is not acceptible is the Loyal Orders piggy-backing into power on Unionist parties, thus creating a gigantic conflict of interest.

    Unionist voters do not know what they are voting for – party policy or orange order policy?

    Or are the two inextricably linked, never to be separated out, for as long as Stormont exists?

  • eireanne3

    The Loyal Orders were banned for years in the mid-19th century because they were guilty of disturbing the peace of His Majesty’s catholic subjects.

    The legal status of organizations can change.
    Remember the UDA was once a legal organization and was then banned.
    If the Orange Order was once an illegal organization it could become one once again!

    I want to emphasize that I’m not advocating banning the Loyal orders.

    All I am saying is that if the Loyal Orders want to exert political power, they form their own party and stand their candidates under their own colours!

  • eireanne3

    why? – pre-supposing your choice falls between two Unionist candidates?

  • Zorin001

    Wonder if she jumped or was pushed?

    Being too hot to handle by the TUV would be saying something!

  • David McCann


  • Msiegnaro

    Illustrates that that person is of good standing with a moral compass prepared to go one step further to promote their way of life. I concede some within the institution fall short of these parameters.

  • Westie tyrone

    west tyrone dup ,is rock solid ,have a full quota ,

  • AntrimGael

    Surely freedom fighters against British and Unionist colonial, supremacist terrorism?

  • NorthBelfastCat

    Some tidy analysis here gopher, but for what it’s worth here’s my take:

    North Down: DUP certain
    Strangford: UUP likely unless Nesbitt gets a leadership boost alongside an anti-DUP jonny bell-related protest
    North Belfast: Honestly could see SF holding on here; CnC only 60 odd votes behind last DUP candidate on last count last time with Alliance vote to redistribute. V.close but good vote management could save them here.
    South Belfast: SF and alliance both safe here I reckon; between Greens and Stalford for last seat. UUP transfers crucial.
    East Belfast: DUP certain
    West Belfast: SDLP v.likely but SF need to be careful.
    East Antrim: SF certain
    South Antrim: Can see your point about Alliance here but nat transfers will probably save David Ford. DUP to lose imho.
    North Antrim: While UUP most likely it could be very tight here with 3rd DUP if SDLP voters transfer to Swann down the ballot.
    Lagan Valley: I’d say there’s too many DUP votes here for them to lose a seat even with a small swing to the UUP. UUP to lose
    South Down: Could be the shock of the day here with Mckee knocking out wells. John McCallisters voters going back to UUP and stronger TUV transfers may get him close enough to Wells with only nat transfers to come. Possible although improbable.
    Newry and Armagh: 2 Unionist quotas here so can’t see anything other than a SF loss
    Upper Bann: Close, but UUP to lose here. DUP have enough votes here for two despite new candidate. 2 Nationalists quotas, although Kelly could get back in with eliminated UUP transfers
    Mid-Ulster: With a strong leadership boost in terms of turnout here for Michelle O’Neil, SF could put UUP under pressure for last seat. Going to be very close.
    Fermanagh-South Tyrone: I see both SDLP and UUP losing here with a rare gain for SF. More overall nat votes here therefore 3/2 proportion and if SF sort out their mess from last year they should overtake McPhilips. Unless UUP transfer to SDLP strongly.
    West Tyrone: UUP to lose here with Hussey retiring. Bearing in mind SDLP vote was splintered last year with selection controversy, there’s enough nat. votes for 4 seats.
    Foyle: Get your point about small threat to all parties but Eamonn McCann could be on his way here on account of SF and SDLP likely to have 2 quotas and a McGuinness sympathy vote. DUP most vulnerable to PBP but my moneys on DUP saving their seat
    East Londonderry: There are 2 nat seats here in my view unless the SDLP selection dispute becomes even more poisonous. Between Sugden and DUP for last seat. Any small swing away from DUP could keep Sugden in unless she gets punished for executive role

    Total: DUP: 30, SF: 27, SDLP: 10, UUP: 10, All:8, Green:2, PBP: 1, TUV: 1, Ind: 1 — Good day for SF


    Total: DUP: 33, SF: 24, SDLP: 11, UUP: 11, All:8, Green:1, PBP: 1, TUV: 1 — Good day for DUP

    My guess would be that it’ll fall somewhere between these estimations. Current electoral system favours Unionism slightly and reduction in seats with new boundaries next time should even things up with the nats. The degree of RHI boost the non-DUP parties receive will be key in this election, alongside any boost in turnout which would tend to favour centre-ground and nationalist parties. Feel free to disagree!

  • eireanne3

    thanks for your sincere answer

    It raises two points-
    1) the issue of choosing to vote for a Loyal order candidate who, as you said, may well “fall short of the parameters” you outline rather than a non-Loyal Order candidate who might well be better

    2) it sets out the very Conflict of Interest problem
    “that person is of good standing with a moral compass prepared to go one step further to promote their way of life”.

    Fine – I have no problem whatsoever with someone wanting to promote their way of life.
    But to do that, the candidate needs to stand under his own Loyal Orders manifesto, in a dedicated party and canvass accordingly so people know what exactly they are voting for.
    Loyal orders candidates would have 2 things to offer their voters – support for the Union + their own particular way of life and manifesto

    By the same token Unionist parties should be promoting nothing but the political reasons for supporting the Union,candidates who are not members of Loyal Orders, their own political manifestoes and canvass for votes accordingly.

    Loyal Order candidates need to be separated out from Unionist parties so that Unionist voters can understand exactly what’s on each tin and make their choice based on the clear information they get from each source.

  • Gopher

    I agree don’t think RHI will be a factor in West Tyrone and was waiting for someone to confirm what I thought.

  • Gopher

    All very possible but few if any candidates will be making quota on the first count so will have nothing to transfer so finishing totals will be deceptive.

  • NorthBelfastCat

    A fair point, which will make it very difficult for the big parties to hold three seats. Vote management has never been more important and you would guess SF have the edge in their rural heartlands if they get the vote out. Despite the supposed monotony of NI elections, I think we’re in for interesting battles in almost all constituencies with an ultimate readjusting of the balance of power. Whether or not unionists can get to the magical combined number of 45 is something to look out for in the broader context here. Anything less could be v.significant going forward.

  • Damien C Conway

    What was with the party political broadcasts?

    Arlene Foster’s narcissism and arrogance has no end! She never once mentioned her party – it was all “me, me, me…”. Surely when her approval ratings are so low the dictator approach wasn’t the best direction to go? The broadcast should have featured other DUP MLAs that way it would have looked like the party is behind her.

    Mike Nesbit has a background in media and had a consulting company that specialises in media. The UUPs broadcast was patronising – something you would show primary school children. What was with the wood pellets on the table?

    Senn Féin obviously hired a professional media company (not Mike’s) which was given a clear brief which I think they achieved. Michelle isn’t the natural of speakers though.

    The SDLPs was quite good. Showed most of the party working together (was Daniel missing?) and had a professional modern feel. Not sure why the Duke of York was chosen for Colm’s walk into the camera.

    The Alliance was unusual in that you couldn’t see anyone just parts of Belfast that was strangely deserted. I think they were going for a dystopian feel that was a wee bit too much! Naomi’s spiel in the background was pretty good and she speaks well but, the attempt at emphasising point on screen was pretty hard to read. I think they were trying to do something with the ‘A’ in everything.

    We’ve a few more to come I think…

  • Granni Trixie

    And don’t forget that in all cases they had to produce PB almost instantly.
    No mean achievement to work up ideas/concepts as well as visual and auditory end product.

  • Gaygael

    Thank you David! Much appreciated.

  • Gopher

    For the sake of debate, I’ll take an alternate view on Arlenes’s broadcast. My take would be Arlene’s is going the correct way. Whether she knows it or not she is applying what I like to call a “Mathieu solution” in dealing with only what she can influence. I dont believe she is speaking to you or me and 90% of the people on this board. She is speaking to the 29% that voted for her, no offence but she does not need us she has already demonstrated that. She is speaking to the Brexit core which is a big vote for one party, she is speaking to the social conservatives. The dictator route makes the most tactical sense because on the doorsteps Easton, Bunting, Middleton and the rest can safely say RHI was nothing to do with me. Arlene will still be the only candidate that makes quota. The DUP arnt competing for the Alliance, SF, SDLP or Green vote they merely have to hold off the UUP and TUV vote and if I refer you back to the candidate list, which when you take Arlene out of the equation, candidate for candidate is superior except in a few exceptions to those two.

  • Reader

    Peter Weir was anti-agreement UUP after the GFA, when I was looking for pro-agreement unionists to vote for. I found some – in the same party! – and PW never got my vote. He defected to the DUP soon after.

  • Jack fotheringham

    Independent Republican Sorcha mc anespie in w tyrone

  • NMS

    As she describes herself, “Right Wing, Conservative, Pro-Brexit, Pro-Life, Traditional Values, Trump Supporting Ulster Girl” she might have done well.