Claire Sugden will seek re-election in March

From the outgoing Justice Minister’s Facebook Page;

Firstly, thank you for your kind wishes throughout this dreadful, political crisis. I am overwhelmed that you have taken time to contact me offering support and encouragement. It tells me there is hope.

I never envisaged that less than a year into my mandate I would be defending my seat for East Londonderry. But I will, because last year I asked you to vote for me on the basis that I would work hard for you for five years. You did vote for me and I intend on keeping my promise to you.

I will again stand Independent because I see no other way that ensures that I can keep putting the interests of my constituents first.

I ask that you again support me and return me as your representative for East Londonderry.

I appreciate the offers of help with my campaign and if anyone else wants to get involved please PM me.