Claire Sugden will seek re-election in March

From the outgoing Justice Minister’s Facebook Page; Firstly, thank you for your kind wishes throughout this dreadful, political crisis. I am overwhelmed that you have taken time to contact me offering support and encouragement. It tells me there is hope. I never envisaged that less than a year into my mandate I would be defending my seat for East Londonderry. But I will, because last year I asked you to vote for me on the basis that I would work … Read more

An opportunity for Claire Sugden

In yet another excellent piece for the Newsletter  Sam McBride highlights the fact that Claire Sugden, it appears, has the ability to call a public inquiry on RHI under the Inquiries Act 2005. Up until this point the East Derry MLA has managed to avoid much of the media focus that has engulfed other Executive parties. With the Attorney General’s Office making it clear that he cannot set up an investigation into the ‘Cash for Ash’ scheme it does appear … Read more

“Oh Claire… You are the answer to our prayers…”

STORMONT LOVE: Claire, the moment we met you we swear, we thought you were going nowhere, not trying to mean that’s just how it seemed. But then, we found ourselves thinking again, and maybe you could be our friend. This may come as news, but beggars can’t choose.

So please, could we interest in a Ministry?

FAPP: The difference between one MLA parties and independents is what exactly?

What’s the difference between Jim Allister & John McCallister? Between Steven Agnew or Basil McCrea & Claire Sugden? The answer is about £25,600. That’s how much the NI Assembly’s ‘Financial Assistance for Political Parties’ scheme values a party at, one with even just 1 MLA. There are currently 18 independent members of Dáil Éireann, 11% of the entire house, often providing starkly liberated representation, generally free from the concerns of party politics. There are 2 independent members of the Northern … Read more