“Now, it’s probably going to be a difficult argument with the Treasury at the minute…”

Interesting, short, snippet from the BBC on that perennial favourite, and long promised, corporation tax cut.  From the BBC’s news in brief.

Northern Ireland’s corporation tax rate is due to drop to 12.5% from April 2018 – but the RHI crisis calls this into question.

“That legislation can only happen if the Treasury gives the green light,” said BBC News NI Economics Editor John Campbell. “What’s called a commencement’s clause.

“Basically, the Treasury has to say, “we’ve looked at Northern Ireland and we think there’s budgetary stability and they are able to take control of this power”.

“Now, it’s probably going to be a difficult argument with the Treasury at the minute, to say we have budgetary stability.”

Indeed.  [Any sign of the anticipated US trade and investment delegation? – Ed]  No.

  • ted hagan

    What on earth will any potential investors think of this place now? It’s depressing. A litany of scandals, the Nama affair, the incompetence by the DUP over the RHI scheme, the serious concerns over Brexit and now the collapse of government.
    Surely to goodness some kind of honest broker can be found, (even if it was Tony Blair for nostalgia’s sake) to knock heads together and prevent the collapse of the Assembly so as we can start rebuilding confidence and perhaps introduce new structures; This endless tribal stuff is depressing. How are young people going to be encouraged to stay with this constant replay of age-old grudges?

  • Zorin001

    Maybe we can sell the whole place to Trump as a giant golf resort?

  • Gingray

    Crazy golf presumably?

  • scepticacademic

    If it puts an end to the corporation tax red herring then this could be the one silver lining in the rhi scandal ????

  • Zorin001

    Miniature putters for those with small hands

  • Zorin001

    Unfortunately I think the eggs are already in the basket and theres not a plan B should the bottom fall out of it.

  • articles

    Trump Fore! President

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Would he really be interested in buying it from Cerberus, do you think? Trump showed some interest, as I remember, in buying a wee bit during the Great Runkerry Golf war, but since then has Cerberus and Blackstone not bought up most of the place cheap to fund New York public service pensions or something?



  • lizmcneill

    Never mind Irish, we should all start learning Russian in that case!

  • Zorin001

    There’s a thought, Putin would love a warm water port in the North Atlantic, we can give him a 99 year lease on the province ala Hong Kong.

    On the plus side we can send our representatives to the Duma, let’s see how well they get on trying to collapse proceedings there, Siberia awaits!