Sinn Fein have just let Arlene off the hook. In a few words, crisis over?

Conor Murphy of Sinn Fein ( leadership material that lad),  has just said that Sinn Fein will move a motion in the New Year “ which will deal with all these issues and not just the career of one individual.” They would still like Foster to step aside but it doesn’t look like an issue of confidence for them.   After Foster’s robust defence, has the air gone out of the  crisis balloon, courtesy of Sinn Fein? Interesting that she uttered not a word of criticism against them. For once the SDLP’s charge is plausible, that SF’s unwieldy amendment made a critical gesture but was designed to fail, not having even been accepted for debate. If as I’ve suggested earlier the inquiry finds Arlene seriously at fault, they all can have another go at censure. But I bet it won’t go that far.