German Police Formally Arrest Extradited Suspect in 1996 Provisional IRA Mortar Attack

Rather less widely reported than developments in certain other legacy cases was Dublin High Court recent ordering of the extradition of a suspect in the Provisional IRA mortar attack on a British army barracks near Osnabrück, Germany, in June 1996.

James Anthony Oliver Albert Corry, from north Belfast, was arrested in Killorglin, Co Kerry, in October 2015, on foot of a European Arrest Warrant issued by German authorities.

The Belfast Telegraph has the latest update via a PA report

German police have arrested a 47-year-old man from Belfast on suspicion of taking part in an IRA attack on a British barracks in Germany 20 years ago.

James Anthony Oliver Corry, a British citizen, was arrested Tuesday at Frankfurt airport after being deported from Ireland.

Federal prosecutors say Corry was brought before a judge on Wednesday and ordered to be held in jail on suspicion of attempted murder.

Prosecutors said on Thursday that Corry was part of an IRA unit that fired three mortar shells on to the grounds of the Quebec Barracks in Osnabrueck on June 28 1996.

Of course, Germany is not a signatory of the 1998 Belfast Agreement, and isn’t party to any other particular arrangements here… [And they clearly didn’t ‘post’ out any letters of comfort… – Ed]  Indeed.

Speaking of that particular ‘postman’…  Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly has a relevant statement out

“This is now a live case and those charged, like everyone, are entitled to due process.

“But it does highlight the fact that no one is or can be above the law, regardless of how long ago the incident took place.

[No-one? – Ed] Of course, he’s talking about that other case, in particular…

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  • Jollyraj

    Strange, the lack of comments on this thread so far. One can only assume that the Republican brethern among the sluggerati, unable to claim state oppression (or indeed chant SS-Ahr-You-See ad nauseum in this particular case), are quietly approving of this character finally set to get the fair trial that is his due. One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but nonetheless it’s heartening to see this comparatively rare example of things being as they should be.

  • grumpy oul man

    Maybe most of the nationlist posters on this sote dont have a issue with anybody arresting terrorists and since we dont have a Pavlovian responce of jumping to defense of every nationlist when they do wrong (as you do if anyone criticises any unionist for anything)
    Perhaps we dont need to reply.

  • Madra Uisce

    Nil on the head. The rank hypocrisy of Unionist Slugger writers and posters never ceases to amaze when it comes to the law. If the evidence is there then why should anyone have a problem with this guy being extradited to face a court or indeed the two Paratroopers appearing in court on murder charges in Belfast. As someone once said a crime is a crime.

  • Jollyraj

    “Maybe most of the nationlist(sic) posters on this sote(sic) dont have a issue with anybody arresting terrorists”

    I’m glad you’re finally willing to admit that the IRA were and are terrorists, GOM. Took a while, but you got there in the end. Bravo! I’m sure you’ll join me in the hope that this one’s colleagues will soon also be getting their comeuppance for domestic acts of terrorism.

  • Surveyor

    Maybe you should actually wait until the outcome of the trial before going off on one. You know presumed innocent and all that.

  • grumpy oul man

    Im interested, apart from your imagination where have i ever said that the IRA were not terrorists.
    And yes i would like all terrorists to get their comeuppance.
    That includes not only the IRA but those in uniform and the loyalists.
    I would also like to see those unionist polticians who formed terror groups or who encourged and worked with terrorists get thier comeuppance.
    Alas with the last two we seem to have issues getting unionists on board.
    Guess they dont want thier terrorists brought to justice!

  • Jollyraj

    Indeed yes, he’s entitled to a fair trial. As I would like to see all Republican and Loyalist terrorists tried and, if found guilty, jailed. irrespective of what they are currently doing for a living.

  • Jollyraj

    “And yes i would like all terrorists to get their comeuppance.”

    Presumably you include a large slice of Sinn Fein’s current seniors in that? In which case I’d agree with you – same goes for their equivalents amongst Loyalist terrorists.

  • Jollyraj

    Oh yes, the trial will indeed be interesting.

  • grumpy oul man

    And the British army terrorists and the RUC as well . what about those Unionist polticisns who worked so closely with the loyalist terrorists.
    What sbout them i see no mention of them in your wishlist.
    Should Dee Stitt lose his wages (still active but no outcry about the immorality of working with terrorists in that case)
    Do you condemn the flaggers and the poltical parties who lit the fuse .
    Just asking .

  • Jollyraj

    I don’t know what ‘flaggers’ means. Can you explain that?

    Yes, for what it’s worth I would say the Loyalist terrorists are certainly the same as the IRA, INLA and what have you. And I’d welcome prison sentences for the lot of them.

    Yes, the PUP are just as bad as Sinn Fein and equally guilty for inciting people to violence – and in some cases of taking part personally. I’d happily see them in the dock, too. MIght as well toss in the extreme half of the DUP, too.

    The better bet for the future lies with voting for the moderates of UUP and SDLP.

    And, since we’re about it, there’s far too much b####ing from all sides about the DUP and SF. Yes, they are both malignant parties – but this is a democracy. Easy enough to vote them both out.

  • grumpy oul man

    Seriously. Remember your the guy who mistead AGs comment involving Willy Fraser, i am tempted to tell you to read it again but it is obvious you are trying to avoid commenting on Army, Police or mainstream unionist terrorists!
    And to think you had the cheek to call me selective.
    Ah what the hell, the flaggers ( or Fleggers) a charming bunch of fools who tried to kill policemen and brought chaos to the place for months so the DUP could get the east belfast Westminster seat back.
    A lot of them got criminal records but not important really since the organ grinders got what they wanted and who cares what happened to the monkeys.

  • Jollyraj

    “It is obvious you are trying to avoid commenting on Army, Police or mainstream unionist terrorists!”

    Not at all. The police are there to protect the civilian populace, and army is a peacekeeping force. Neither could be described as terrorists.

    I don’t believe there are either ‘mainstream’ unionist or nationalist terrorists. It’s the extremists, your republicans and loyalists that cause those problems.

    For the rest…uhm…perhaps write it so it can be understood?

  • grumpy oul man

    So supplying guns and intel to terrorists is not terrorism?.
    Interesting also that working closly with active terrorists as both mainstream unionists thus giving them crebility is not also terrorism.
    I think we now know whio supoorts terrorism in this discussion and surprise surprise its not me.