Creator of LAD takes to the boards…

The originator of LAD John-Paul Whearty, has outed himself, just in time to publicise his upcoming production Adventures in Ulster… He comments to the Irish News…

“I would describe LAD as like being in a band. We have had a really successful first album and now it’s time to go from there. I see myself working in comedy across different mediums but perhaps leaving LAD behind and creating something else.”

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  • John Gorman

    Brave man considering the number of lunatics he has upset over the last few years although surprised he didnt come clean earlier when certain loyalists kept naming other individuals as being LAD.

  • Declan Doyle

    He is certainly gifted and talented if LAD is anytging to go by. Good luck to him.

  • Dan

    Tedious bore with a very short fuse going by his rudeness on Talkback just now.
    Doesn’t like anyone having a say, so wants them shut down.

  • Jollyraj

    “I would describe LAD as like being in a band. We have had a really successful first album and now it’s time to go from there.”

    This is Spinal Tap?

  • the keep

    He came across as a bit of an arse really trying to dominate people almost made Jamie Bryson look good no mean feat.

  • chrisjones2

    Came across on Radio Ulster as basically a bit of a gobshite.

    I had a look back over the site and its really not been very funny for the last 6 months . I should keep the day job on if I was him. One joke doesn’t last that long – unless you keep telling it to the SF faithful or you are on Give My Head Peace – but even there Uncle Andy is moving on with the times

  • billypilgrim1

    I suspect he’d actually be delighted with that comparison!

    LAD has been a great example of how ridicule can be a civilising force. I’ve never known LAD to skewer anyone who didn’t deserve it.

    Thank-you John Paul. Your contribution to our society has been significant – and hilarious!

  • the keep

    Your contribution to our society has been significant – and hilarious! Bigotry dressed up as banter well what ever floats your boat i guess.

  • billypilgrim1

    “Banter dressed up as bigotry…”

    That’s actually a good description. Although I suspect you got that the wrong way around?

  • Katyusha

    Can’t see this working out. LAD took off as it captured the mood around the ridiculousness of the flag protests, and was very much a product of its time. Since then it’s been very stale, and caters to an in-group of followers. I don’t think it will go over that well with the general public in its current form.

    We’ll see how it goes, but I suspect if he wants to make it in stand-up, he’s going to need some new material.

  • the keep

    Completely correct the dangers of typing and watching Pointless!

  • Jollyraj

    ”I suspect he’d actually be delighted with that comparison!”

    No doubt he would. It’ll be interesting to see if he has any other material in his locker with which to ‘turn it up to 11’.

  • Jollyraj

    Gifted enough for a career in Sinn Fein, if the jester thing doesn’t work out, mayhaps?

  • Brendan Heading

    It’s important to keep in mind the background. LAD were a godsend when they came into existence, holding a mirror up to the faces of the morons who could barely string a sentence together, let alone understand political nuances, took it upon themselves to take “leadership”, block roads, incite riots, attack police officers and attempt to wrest control of politics from democratically elected representatives. Elected politicians were being burned out of their offices and intimidated from their homes.

    LAD worked well because the satire was in a par with the kind of material Chris Morris produced in his earlier days, and the videos and articles they produced had a professional sheen – all of which was the work of more than one person. With the flag protests comprehensively defeated, there’s less material to be had – in some ways it’s a pity.

  • Adam Martin

    Everyone was allowed on their say on LAD.If you were an arsewipe you got slagged, but you were still allowed your say.
    Try offering a contrary opinion on any of the loyalist forums and you’re banned instantly.

  • Adam Martin

    They never ridiculed anyone who didn’t deserve it.

    We all remember their commentary on the ignoble idiots at Twaddel and the “peaceful rioters” back in Dec 2012,but they also exposed many of the really sour scumbags who very publicly dreamt of obliterating the Taigs on their Facebook pages.What were Nationalist/Catholics supposed to do back then? Lower themselves to that level?Ridiculing those weirdos was a much more effective way of dealing with loyalist hostility.
    They were reduced to cartoon characters by LAD, and I would say that portrayal flattered them.

  • the keep

    I suppose that passes for wit were you come from?

  • billypilgrim1

    I thought it was a wonderful thing to finally hear someone treat Jamie Bryson with the respect he deserves.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Correct. The only blogs that i’ve been banned from posting on are unionist ones.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Why would he want to join SF?

    Do you accept that ridiculing unionism’s extremes and republicanism are two different things?

  • Jarl Ulfreksfjordr

    Listened on the podcast. He did rather take over leaving poor Willie Crawley to nurse his cans.

    I thought though that it was hilarious that the guy who hosted a site where the main shtick was mocking working accents and grammar was able to speak entire sentences without recourse to the ‘t’ sound.

    He must have been in character, right?

  • Simian Droog

    Bit of an expert in “one trick ponies” are we? 🙂

  • Jollyraj

    “Do you accept that ridiculing unionism’s extremes and republicanism are two different things?”

    Yes, AG. I do. (Although one must allow that a lot of the younger generation of Shinners come across like an Irish Republican version of Borat).

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I didn’t want to laugh at that but it did extract a chuckle. Bravo.

  • grumpy oul man

    come on AG, it’s a well known fact that anybody who criticizes any Unionist is a SF drone!
    How else can you explain it! poking fun at racist / sectarian or homophobic outbursts is a shinner plot!

  • grumpy oul man

    show us some examples please?

  • Adam Martin

    And yet you’re a Unionist, right? It took the big Fenian bastards at LAD to give your blog a shout out.
    I certainly discovered it through LAD and I always enjoyed it.

  • Nevin

    “The originator of LAD John-Paul Whearty, has outed himself”

    J-P, Brian Spencer and some other likely LADs were name-checked in PULSE resources a couple of years ago in relation to correspondence with Basil McCrea. I doubt very much if mockery and other buffoonery will lead to a softening of the hard edges of our tribal politics

  • MainlandUlsterman

    Good luck to him. I suspect he has some big choices to make as he moves on from LAD, in particular whether he wants to play to his current audience or find new audiences. If he’s doing the latter he may need to give some thought to comic persona and how partisan he wants to be. Mark Steele may be a good role model on how to pull it off – brilliant and likeable performer who makes no secret of having some (to me, crazy) hard left views but somehow stays funny and true to himself while appealing to audiences who don’t share them. Jeremy Hardy’s another one who manages it. I don’t know what this guys politics is but if it’s as old school nationalist as LAD has seemed the odd time I’ve looked, then Hardy or Steele could be the direction to follow. Another direction is to go more into serious journalism a la Emerson. Or just ditch the politics and go for more of a Iannucci or Linehan behind the scenes surreal comic orchestrator kind of schtick on sketch shows or sitcom. There’s talent there for sure but he needs to decide what most makes him tick and go for it.