Amongst Unionists, only AB voters were unambiguously in favour of Remain…


Great graphic from Steven McCaffrey which tells us two important things about the outcome of the Referendum in Northern Ireland. One

One, the DUP have performed a daring raid on the UUP’s support base exactly where it has been at its strongest after the wrecking ball of the St Andrews Agreement: which is out west and in the border areas.

Effectively Leave grabbed C1s as well as the C2s, Ds and Es, with the three outliers (in Yellow) being where there is a predominance of As and Bs in Northern Ireland. The UUP has only two MLAs in all three.

Two, it also blows the whistle on anyone within nationalism who thinks they can win a majority for a United Ireland with a ropey to non-existent business plan on the basis that they can hoodwink Unionist AB voters into a voting for a United Ireland.