#AE16 #SluggerReport: Whose election bubble is it anyway?

Here’s this morning’s first edition of a revived SluggerReport broadcast live on the Slugger Facebook page (so please do give it a “Like” if you want to keep up with them).

Three questions:

– Who is responsible for what must count as a third boring Assembly election in row? The parties (and if so, in what measure each)? Or a much-depleted press corps who’s attitude is becoming more “entertain us”, a la Kurt Cobain than ‘come on and tell us, a la Jeremy Paxman?

– What does opposition mean in the context in which no one can actually be kicked out of power? In other words, what exactly is the meaningful governing logic of this contest? For which, we need to ask the question of where power and responsibility lie within the Stormont institutions?

– Finally, who’s bubble are we operating in, and do we have a clue as to how voters are consuming election material? Does dropping turnout over the last two election suggests serious disengagement from the democratic institutions, especially on the nationalist side?