“Would you favour a united Ireland?”

With Sinn Féin trying, again, to drum up interest in the report they commissioned of an ‘independent’ modelling of the benefits of an economically right-wing united Ireland, TheJournal.ie reports on the responses of the RTÉ Claire Byrne Live / Amarách Research Panel to the question, “Would you favour a united Ireland?”.

From TheJournal.ie report

The question was posed “Would you favour a united Ireland?”

The question was asked in the run-up to this weekend’s Easter Rising celebrations.

In total, 54% said Yes, 24% said No and 22% said that they don’t know. The splits were consistent across genders, but differed around the regions.

In Munster, 60% of people said Yes, but just 47% in Dublin said the same. No votes were also highest in Dublin, at 32%. [added emphasis]

Details of the breakdown of the demographics of the 1000 panel members, including recruitment guidelines, is available here.

Obviously the poll only covers one of the two referendum areas required under the 1998 Agreement, but it calls into question whether even a single, all-island, referendum would produce a ‘Yes’ vote.