Cerberus critic settles out of court as “certain matters have become clearer”…

Hmmm, now just days after a progress report was delivered by the DFP committee, one of Cerberus’s sternest critics, Gareth Graham, has settled out of court and taken several adverts out to make clear his change of heart…

Cerberus gained control of Mr Graham’s loans when it bought the Northern Ireland portfolio of Nama in 2014, in a deal known as Project Eagle.

The fund’s conduct was criticised during court hearings and Mr Graham also gave evidence to a Stormont committee which was examining Project Eagle.

He told the committee that Cerberus had behaved in a way which was “ruthless, unjust and unreasonable”.

His statement said that as “certain matters have become clearer” it is now no longer possible to maintain his complaints about Cerberus in relation to Project Eagle.

It adds that he also wants to distance himself from “grave and serious allegations” made against Cerberus regarding payments to “fixers”.

Said committee’s deliberations (hemmed in by ongoing court cases and investigations) involved much politicking and stumbling around in the dark. But it looks like this chapter is closing.