Willie Penrose displaces Bannon and wins Labour speaking rights

Literally the last man through, at 5.30 this morning Labour’s Willie Penrose snatches a victory of sorts for Labour from an otherwise black abyss of utter defeat…

…chief returning officer Imelda Brannigan gave the latest results and Bannon with 7,081 was six behind Penrose. Following his elimination a devastated Bannon told reporters that given the close margin he will have to take careful advice on “whether or not to purse a legal option”.

Notwithstanding any appeal, with seven deputies now home, it means Labour has speaking rights in the Dail. (More later in the post-election profile for the Labour Party).


  • Nordie Northsider

    How hard will it be for Labour to put together a half-decent team of spokespeople? By all accounts Willie Penrose is a decent skin but I don’t think anyone would claim him as, say, an expert in foreign affairs. Similarly other Labour survivors such as Ryan and Sherlock didn’t exactly set the Dáil alight last time round. Other problems include the age profile of their surviving Dáil team (Willie won’t be running again, nor, most probably, will Jan O’Sullivan) and the fact that some of those who came through are exactly the ones who rub people up the wrong way. Yes, I’m looking at you, Alan Kelly.

  • Robin Keogh

    Speajing rights are not really an issue now that Michael has committed to reform of the Dail, with speaking rights for smaller parties central to his argument. Or maybe that was an initiative motivated by a fear that he might have been facing SF in opposition with little to interrupt them? surely not 😉

  • Greenflag 2

    There was no way Paul Hogan of SF was going to win the last seat although his climb from first preference of 5,200 ahead of Willie Penrose by approx 500 votes to a final tally of 8,200 suggests that SF is getting significantly more transfers from all sides than in 2011. In the end Burke FGbenefited by 3,500 from Bannon FG and Penrose Lab got 1,500 transfers from Bannon and Hogan SF just 500 , Had Penrose been eliminated instead of Bannon – Bannon would have still won the seat ahead of Paul Hogan but probably by a margin of 200 – 300 votes instead of the 800 approx that Penrose had in the end . Significantly Willie Penrose popular though he is in the constituency was elected almost 3,000 votes short of the quota ,

    The beauty of PR preference voting is that it permits all kinds of nuanced voting which somehow comes up with the result . Bannon won’t go to court . It would’nt help his re-election chances in the event of a another GE in say 6 months . He’s gotta learn to lose as well as win 😉 Voters notice that kind of thing and as we have seen it may take only six preference votes in a 4 seater to lose a seat or gain one .

  • Discuscutter

    Micheal is a late convert to Dáil reform, next thing we know he’ll be talking about ethics.

  • JohnTheOptimist

    Although I have no time at all for Labour, the chances are that they will increase their vote and number of seats significantly at the next election. I’m assuming here that the next election is a few years away. If it was next month, they’d probably poll around the same as last week. The Labour vote invariably collapses after they’ve been in government (1977, 1987, 1997, 2015). This is then always followed by commentators predicting that Labour is on its deathbed, But, they always bounce back a bit. So, for example their vote collapsed in the 1987 election, but they came back with 30 seats in 1992 (Spring tide and all that). They should probably seek a merger with the Social Democrats. Some countries have a left-leaning party called ‘Labour’. Other countries have a left-leaning party called ‘Social Democrats’. Only the Republic of Ireland has one of each.

  • Discuscutter

    Hogan did well enough on transfers.

    He matched most of them to the end, till Bannon’s heap transferred to Labour,

    He is a young man, he can be a TD yet, the numbers are going in the right direction

    SF have a few council members there now so it is building on it.

  • Discuscutter

    I wonder will the real damage for Labour be the collapse in council members in 2014.

    Being cheeky, they hid in the long grass of the council after those defeats and there was no established parties taking their vote.

    I think there are 3 well organized groups going after their left vote, AAA,SF and the SD.

    I could see the SD doing really well in years to come.

  • Greenflag 2

    Indeed -but nothing is guaranteed not for FF nor SF nor FG and not for Labour either . Numbers are not pre ordained to go in any direction anymore in Irish General Elections or so it seems . But yes he should make it next time as long as he keeps plodding away and it may be sooner than one might think .

  • Discuscutter

    Death, taxes and nurses are the only guaranteed things in life.

  • Greenflag 2

    Nurses ? Only if you are lucky enough to leave this mortal coil from the comfort of a hospice or hospital bed or perhaps a trolley in a crowded hallway 🙂 Many alas don’t have that luck as a perusal of daily world and local news would show.

  • Skibo

    Perhaps they should amalgamate and call themselves possibly the social and democratic labour party. No where have I heard that before. maybe a three way merger!