Amazing occurrences: Sun rises in East and Boris backs Brexit

In the most surprising news since the revelation that the sun came up in the east this morning, Boris Johnson has announced that he will support Brexit.

It is conceivably possible that he is sincere and has agonised about this decision before finally coming to it but much the most likely way to view this is in the context of the Tory leadership race. Presumably Johnson has calculated that the heir apparent now is Osborne who has recovered from initial problems with the Omnishambles Budget, pasty taxes and the like.

The fact that Teresa May has stayed with Cameron means that none of the serious leadership contenders would have supported Brexit had Johnson stayed with Remain.

This move will no doubt make him the grass roots darling for the meantime. However, if there is a civil war in the Tory Party splitters have rarely gained the crown. One need only look to Heseltine as a classic example. As such maybe today the happiest man in British politics is George Osborne?

Finally I will make a radical prediction: tomorrow the sun will again rise in the east.