Alban Maginness to step down at the next election

The long serving SDLP MLA for North Belfast, Alban Maginness will step down at the next election.

A new candidate will be selected on 14th January.

I would assume that the former Lord Mayor and Cllr for Oldpark, Nichola Mallon will be the strong favourite to take the baton for the party. Others like former Lord Mayor and Cllr for Castle, Pat Convery are waiting in the wings as well.

Few things to remember;

Sinn Fein are only running two candidates this time as both sitting MLAs face re-election.

The Greens will be running, which should take some votes from the Alliance party.



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  • Kevin Breslin

    Peter Robinson’s back benching to the end, so is John Dallat and Dominic Bradley, Sammy Douglas and Mitchell McLaughlin too.

  • Ryan A

    Bizarre of the DUP to be introducing a brand new ticket with Long coming back into the fray. Would back Alliance to take a third easily now.