Terrorist attacks in Paris

There have been what appears to be a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris.   At least 40 people are reported to have been killed.  There have been shootings at, at least, two bars or restaurants, including a Cambodian restaurant, and there have been explosions reported near the Stade de France where the French national football side were playing Germany.  An unfolding hostage situation is also reported at a concert at the Bataclan arts centre where a number of gunmen may be involved and 60-100 people may be being held.  The BBC live reporting is here.  The Guardian is also live-blogging events.

Adds  French President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency and closed the French borders.

Update At least 129 people were killed in Paris last night, 80 at the Bataclan concert, 352 injured, 99 critically, in terrorist attacks that have been claimed by the Islamic State militant group. [updated figures]