“People who had a better use for a million bricks…”

A Million Bricks from Northern Visions NvTv on Vimeo.

Somewhere in Pete Shirlow’s book on Segregation in Belfast, he notes how there’s been a generational shift in cross community attitudes between those before the troubles and those who grew up after.

I don’t know of any better illustration of that change that Frank Martin and Seamus Kelter’s great documentary, now thankfully available from NVTV. Enjoy this fine piece of social documentary…


  • Kevin Breslin

    People need to realise cursing the darkness isn’t going to make anything brighter here.

  • mickfealty

    I’m guessing you haven’t watched the piece Kevin? It is tremendous.

  • T.E.Lawrence

    Great Post Mick – Brought back a lot of very sad memories. We where running around Belfast at the time with a Coal Lorry evacuting Protestant Families from such places as Grovenor Road, New Barnsley, Lenadoon, Lower Ormeau. It was very scary especially taking the last people out and being watched by mobs. Thank God there was an agreement by both sides not to interfer or attack the movement of people and belongings from their homes. It was heart breaking watching the little children frightened with tears in their eyes. (I witnessed it on both sides as my neighbours where catholic and once Grovenor went up they had to get out of the district in the centre of Belfast where I lived). The Inhumity of Ethnic Cleansing – Absolutely Horrible !

    A good friend I know got put out of Grovenor and moved to New Barnsley and within 2 months got put out of there too !