Spanish speaking Portadown soccer sensation featured in new google ad…

Through no fault of his own young Alberto has found himself in Portadown. But what do you do when you have a love of soccer and not much English? You pull out your mobile phone and fire up Google translate of course. All this is the unlikely subject of Google’s new ad for their Translate app. You can see the ad below:

As you would expect the ad is well produced. It makes Portadown look the very model of Cosmopolitan tolerance.

Based on the success of the ad Google have announced plans to support translation to and from Ulster Scots. A Google spokesperson said “Wier sein fierce demand fur support for da hamely tongue. We got a quare gunk when we seen a hape o fowk hankering for Ulster Scots and we will no see ye stuck…” *

Video seen via Reddit

* I may have made this bit up.

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