Cartoon – Don’t mention the…

Paramilitary group report

Whitehall has a clear policy on China. It knows there are human rights abuses, you just don’t talk about them. With the sophistication of technology and leven of government surveillance it’s hard to say that the report into paramilitary groups revealed anything new, it just said what people knew.


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  • Kevin Breslin

    As if the Tories had no blood on their own hands.

    For more than a decade, yellowing paper files in a government store have hidden the story of the way £1bn of Whitehall money was thrown away in propping up Saddam Hussein’s regime and doing favours for arms firms

  • Greenflag 2

    Machiavelli is alive and well and exists in Whitehall , Washington , Moscow and Beijing etc . His smaller siblings live and do quite well in Dublin , Belfast etc etc . Nothing surprising there nor should there be .

    But have a heart folks . Were it not for the janus faced politicians nothing would get done and society (yes it exists ) would descend to last man/woman standing with enough guns and food/dosh to survive . The Chinese Middle Class is several times bigger than the UK’s and Irelands population put together .

    Good cartoon -timely reminder of what really matters 😉