Cork SF Cllr June Murphy: “I have found my time in the party to be an increasingly negative experience.”

Sinn Féin’s little local difficulty in East Cork continues with the resignation, from the party, of Cork county councillor June Murphy – who represents the Fermoy electoral area.  [Is the constituency organisation still suspended? – Ed]  Good question…

Described in a report as “a close [ally] of [Cork East TD Sandra] McLellan’s in the party”, the Evening Echo quotes Cllr Murphy

Cllr Murphy said: “As most people will be aware there have been some issues within the Sinn Fein party in East Cork. Upon my return to the party last year I found myself unwillingly and unavoidably caught up in these issues. Although I have tried, at all times, to do my best, both for the party and for the people of my constituency who elected me to represent them, I have found my time in the party to be an increasingly negative experience. I have participated wholeheartedly in all party efforts to resolve the aforementioned issues. However, I have now got to the point where I hold no hope of this experience improving in the foreseeable future and it is for that reason that I have taken the decision to leave the party. I intend [to] continue to represent the people of the Fermoy Municipal District who elected me to the very best of my ability.” [added emphasis]

And the Sinn Féin response…

A Sinn Fein spokesperson said they were sorry to see Cllr Murphy leave the party but said she should return her seat to the party. He said: “June Murphy is a very hard working councillor and public representative. We are very sorry to see her go.”

It is important to note that Cllr Murphy’s resignation is not a result [of] any political or policy differences with the party. “We have requested that Cllr Murphy returns the council seat to the party as she was elected on a Sinn Féin mandate.” [added emphasis]

[Is that because she was a paid representative of the party! – Ed]  And not a public representative…

As for “Cllr Murphy’s resignation is not a result [of] any political or policy differences with the party”…  Well, quite.

The Irish Times report recounts the background to the resignation.

Her departure follows that of Cllr Kieran McCarthy, from Cobh, who left the party during the summer. He will contest the general election as an Independent candidate.

In June Mr McCarthy was expelled from the party and Kanturk-based Cllr Melissa Mullane was suspended, following an internal dispute that also involved Sinn Féin TD Sandra McLellan.

Mr McCarthy was subsequently offered temporary reinstatement but declined it. Ms Mullane has had her suspension lifted.

Earlier this year, Mr McCarthy had said he wished to challenge Ms McLellan to be the party’s general election candidate in Cork East.

Since her election in 2011, opinion within the party at local level has been divided about Ms McLellan’s performance at both national and local level.

An internal Sinn Féin inquiry into the issues behind the rows, chaired by Cork North Central TD Jonathan O’Brien, is understood to have strongly backed Ms McLellan.

Whether that will continue to be the party’s position remains to be seen.

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  • James7e

    “An internal Sinn Féin inquiry into the issues..”

    Oh dear. These internal inquiries don’t seem to ever run all that smoothly in those circles. Does seem to be quite the poisonous atmosphere inside The Party.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    It’s kinda what I always believed about SF – totalitarian. They were like this in their one time fiefdom of West Belfast in the 80s. Elements of Mairia Cahill’s story spring to mind too. I don’t imagine that this would be so easy to effect in RoI where the ‘enemy’ is more harmless, more nebulous and less identifiable. Will they still be able to demand that everything should be transparant and above board when challenging their political opponents after this?

  • chrisjones2

    Poor woman. She’s obviously on tablets / developing a drink problem / has mental health issues / at a difficult stage in her life / has developed a deep and irrational misunderstanding of what really led to her leaving / etc etc

    And its all personalities , not policies.

    And she is woman after all {nudge nudge}

    {As taken for the SF Political Excuse Book Pages 47 to 50}

  • chrisjones2

    …but they all behave this way. Its normal parish pump festering politics

  • C Mac Siacais

    Get over yourselves darlings. There are important issues to be discussing. But far be it from me to intrude on you little scamps twittering round your wine glasses.

  • chrisjones2


    Can you please confirm who removed my earlier post on this one. And how it breached Slugger rules

  • Mary Anna Quigley

    Be grateful they don’t kneecap or tarr & feather ye anymore for having a mind of your own , like the good old bad days! It was easier to kill bomb put thousands out of there homes beat to death -than communicate. Ps if your not in your out. Be proud remove yourself from sociopathic untrustworthy liars. Be true to yourself. After all just because they were Armani suits does not make them decent citizens, same old same old beneath……

  • Gingray

    Pete, who adds in the Editor comments in brackets to your post?

  • Thomas Barber

    Anyone who thinks the leadership of Sinn Fein controls the party in a democratic fashion needs their heads examined. Party activists and members act and do as they are told not as they want its really no different than any other political party, just ask Jenny Palmer, or remember all those pre signed resignation letters the leadership of the DUP insisted on which they could blackmail their elected MLAs with if they did not comply with party policy.

  • Granni Trixie

    Yes, obviously no party is perfect but they do differ in the extent to which they involve members in decision and policy making.

    For stance I was not aware until a recent selection in UUP to replace Mchael Copeland that although local constituencies select candidates that it is the leadership who picks from those selected.
    I don’t think this top down kind of system would work in a modernised party.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    One unique aspect is that this has occured in RoI where the circumstances and political landscape are very different. Another is that Murphy is expected to return the seat to the party without a by-election. Yet another is that no-one outside the (possibly cultish?) party can penetrate the wall of secrecy that surrounds SF. This string of events is not identical to the practices & ethics of most political parties except maybe in the wee six where SF was born.

  • Robin Keogh

    It is always sad to see people leave the party, especially good people like those named above. However, politics can often throw up such disturbances, especially affecting the biggest party in the country. We should wish the resigned members well in their future endeavours.

  • Virginia

    The above comment is worthy of a “K Street” lobbyist (check wikipedia, Ed.)

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Granni, it’s really important to get the right people! Look at what happened recently with Labour (over the water) and that Jeremy Corbyn fellow…….

    If you begin to let people make choices outside of the obligatory five year “moment of voting”, you never know where it may end up…..Direct Democracy even!

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Don’t you mean “whine” glasses, C?

  • chrisjones2

    Did they get boys down from Belfast to help out with the old Inquiry thing?

  • James7e

    And did it consist mostly of Martin looking stern and asking ‘Were youse drinking?’ ?