Michael Copeland steps down from the Assembly

More change in the Assembly as the Irish News political correspondent, John Manley reports that the UUPs East Belfast MLA, Michael Copeland has resigned his post effective 31st August.

Speaking about the decision the Unionist leader, Mike Nesbitt says;

As an elected representative Michael was good for us and good for me because he valued compassion above all else and relentlessly championed policies which put the rights and needs of people first, particularly the vulnerable

I would imagine that local councillors, Chris McGimpsey, Sonia Copeland or Jim Rodgers will be in line to replace Copeland.

Full story in todays Irish News.

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  • chrisjones2

    Sorry to see him go

    Nice to see MIke spoiled for choice ….but what’s the point if its due to fold?

  • Redstar

    Spoilt for choice- yip 3 sure fire intelligent progressive types there!!!!!

  • Nevin
  • Gingray

    I would have agreed with you last week that its about to fold, but the DUP have been working really hard to lobby both Governments and SF to find an agreement. Cue Westminster legislating for Welfare Reform, SF toning down their rhetoric and a return of the IMC, and the DUP proprosing structural changes later today.

    Robinson will be gone soon and if it collapses that will be his legacy, and it will only strengthen the UUP.

  • Dan

    A return of the IMC would be the biggest insult imaginable

  • Redstar

    All your hypothesies are quite possible. However if the British govt legislates over the heads of the Assembly the Shinners yet again will need to tell their sheeplike followers that there is some point to being in the assembly!!! Baaaaaa!!!

  • chrisjones2

    ….and your point is?

  • chrisjones2

    …….. so they are only in it for the DLA then?

  • submariner

    Did Michael Copeland ever apologise to the PSNI for him lying to the ombudsman that the Police had assaulted his wife during a loyalist riot

  • Redstar

    Lol. Well I am just being practical. If the British govt can take the major decisions over their heads, then pray someone please explain whats the point in the assembly?

  • chrisjones2

    Sorry …. something noone has said. I am genuinely sorry to see Michael go. In a sea of yes men and women and nonentities he wore his heart on his sleeve and fought for all his constituents He is one of the few who will be missed