Northern Ireland’s games of simultaneous political chess continue …

Uncomfortable Conversations hall feile15Even with a budgetary crisis looming over the Stormont institutions, other threads are still being woven into the political narrative.

To switch metaphors, it’s like three games of chess being played simultaneously: one short-term game against the clock, another medium-term, and a long-term strategy being played out on a third board.

So in the last week I’ve heard:

The Stormont House Agreement isn’t totally dead after all …

Yet we also have two elections on the island to further disrupt matters in the next nine months.

Crisis? What crisis?

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  • mjh

    Perhaps the two elections won’t disrupt matters but rather liberate Sinn Fein from their percieved dilemma of having to chose between risking the loss of potential votes in the south or risking the collapse of the institutions in the north.

  • Jag

    “simultaneous chess”? You give them far too much credit; they’re playing snakes and ladders with both of them betting the farm and desperately blowing on the dice and hoping for a “5”, otherwise, they’ll hit one of those snakes, including possibly the snake that might drag us back three decades.