“future banknote designs, starting with the new polymer £5 note, will explicitly represent all four nations of the UK.”

As mentioned in this BBC report focused on the first Bank of England polymer banknote – a £5 note featuring Sir Winston Churchill which will be issued in 2016.

Banknotes will feature images from all four nations of the UK starting with the new £5 note entering circulation in 2016.

[Timing, eh? – Ed]  Eh?  From the Bank of England press release

Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland said:

“The Bank is delighted with the number and breadth of the nominations we have received, and we are very grateful to all those who have engaged with us on this new initiative. The fact that so many visual artists have been put forward by the public underlines the extent of British achievement in the visual arts and reinforces why this field deserves to be recognised on the next £20 note.” [The new £20 note is expected to enter circulation by 2020.]

“During this process, we have repeatedly heard how important banknotes are as a symbol of the United Kingdom. So the Bank is pleased to announce today that after careful consideration future banknote designs, starting with the new polymer £5 note, will explicitly represent all four nations of the UK.”

The design will be released when the new £5 note is unveiled in 2016.

Also from the Bank’s press release

The Bank of England is also announcing today that future banknotes, starting with the £5 polymer note in 2016, will include symbols representing all four of the home nations. The imagery will be taken from the Royal Coat of Arms and the Royal Badge of Wales. This follows discussions with the First Ministers of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. [added emphasis]

[And the deputy?! – Ed]  Probably not the deputy…

The Shield from the Royal Coat of Arms was also used in the 2008 redesign of the reverse side of all UK coins.

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  • Dan

    As long as they can cyphon off as many of those notes as possible into their coffers from the public purse, Sinn Fein won’t worry……legitimately or otherwise

  • chrisjones2

    Can we have an old style Northern Bank £5 note on our local version?

    A la recherce du temps perdu – not

  • Mister_Joe

    We have polymer notes in Canada. They suck; they stick together and you can easily overpay. They also don’t fold well.

  • the rich get richer

    Just make Plenty of them. I will spread them around.

  • terence patrick hewett

    I imagine that they stick because they are becoming electrically charged: that seems to be a major design fault.

  • Robin Keogh


  • Granni Trixie

    Why bother with £5 pound notes – hardly buys you anything. Aren’t we also going in the way of paying for small items with contact/debit cards etc? Note for instance that TFL are widely advertising that you can use these instead of Oyster cards for travel. Looks like currency in your hand is in the way out.

  • james

    It’s good that the First Ministers have all had an input into the decision-making process.

  • james

    Can also receive too much back, though.

  • james

    Aye. Seemingly not too worried where it comes from, as long as the money jar gets filled.

  • Mister_Joe

    Never happens, oddly enough. I avoid any problem by using a credit card for purchases exceeding $5 (we have $1 and $2 coins.) That costs the company a few % though. Obviously that cost is passed on to me through the pricing.

  • Mister_Joe

    Agree. We need to go back to paper money.

  • peepoday

    Great to hear that all four parts of the Kingdom will be represented.Five pound note is still useful especially for students and pensioners.

  • Plenty of local shops still have a £5 minimum spend for debit card.

  • james

    The loonies are hard to come by when you need one, I’ve noticed. Sadly not the case back in NI 🙂

  • tmitch57

    Four parts is a more accurate description or three nations and a failed plantation. You have the English, the Scots, the Welsh and the British/Irish?

  • Kevin Breslin

    Are they going to rename the Bank of England?