Cartoon – Parity of Steam…

Edward Carson statue

On Wednesday June 3 2015 an Irish tricolour appeared for around ten minutes atop Stormont; cue unionist outrage, and steam bellowed from the ears.

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  • Simian Droog

    Clearly a false flag operation to get Unionists back on the steady ground of offended, outraged and not surrendering to something.

  • the rich get richer

    Ho Ho Ho tis funny.

    Those that are getting upset about this Prank must have very little to worry about !

    Mind you the Tri-Colour does look good up there and there are two perfectly good poles.

    One for the Tri-Colour….. One for the Union Flag.

    Anyway All Flags in Northern Ireland should be made edible ( emm……chocolate…emm ).

  • peepoday

    Keep those fleags for the bonefire

  • PMC

    Very funny Sim, see what you’re doing there: false ‘flag’, get it everyone, false ‘flag’, (or should that be fleg).

    Sure the British are the world specialists at the old false flag tactic(s), and blaming someone else. On the subject of false flag actions/operations, did anyone ever find out who slashed those banners up at the Twat Avenue protest camp.

    Aaaah, protests from loyalists/orangemen/unionists eh, sure where would they be without them. I mean, they need to justify their presence here in Ireland in some form, right?
    Seriously though, there’s definitely a behavioural pattern within the British psyche, ie. invade another country’s territory, kill off as many indigenous as possible, erect statues, monuments, flags, etc, then, finally, accuse said indigenous of being terrorists. It really is a tired old format indeed.

  • Zig70

    Maybe I haven’t been reading the right media but I thought the reaction was muted. No calls to shut the state down or block roads or set fire to somewhere other than their own estates.

  • Zeno

    This is just a stunt to remind us that Stormont is still there. I thought it had collapsed to be honest, but apparently not.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I can’t see how some day, maybe decades from now or whenever that there WON’T be a tricolour flying from Stormont in some capacity.

    Rather than fight it ( “no surrender! Not an inch!” etc etc) and ultimately lose ( a la Anglo-Irish agreement, Drumcree, Belfast city hall etc etc) why not have a ‘controlled crash landing’?

    Yes, I constantly harp on about the 3 flags idea but in fairness it ticks all the ‘equality’ boxes and saves unionism from (another) humiliating defeat years down the line.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    It’s been “said” before, but it bears repeating…….

  • barnshee

    I agree nothing– that can`t be solved by a ceremonial burning of a tricolour -preferably on BBC TV– keep up the good work

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    That was on the inside of one of the Sex Pistols’ albums was it not?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Not this watercolour which I knocked up yesterday morning in a flurry of creativity, shamelessly plagiarising the cover of Kevin O’Connnor’s “The Irish in Britain”:

    but as I’d said “It’s been “said” before, “…………

    I also designed a rather neater American flag with the same colour inversion for a ” St. Patricks Day” tee shirt design for a friend producing tee shirts in San Francisco a couple of decades back, but it made locals nervous. It’s one thing to persuade the police and fire service to wear green carnations (I have photos!!!) but quite another to monkey with the U.S. flag.

  • Carl Mark

    Bit paranoid here mate, don’t think that the Shinners are behind this, I suspect somebody is taking the piss and as usual unionists have over reacted!

  • cruithne

    Well as overreactions go, it’s pretty muted from where I’m standing.

  • Gallowglass_rn

    An old one but a good one.