The first all Conservative cabinet for 18 years meets

Last Thursday, David Cameron became the first Tory Prime Minister to win a majority since 1992. His narrow margin of just 12 seats in the House of Commons probably means that at some point he will need the Liberal Democrats, DUP or the UUP to get some legislation passed.

Today he held the first meeting of his new Conservative cabinet.

Courtesy of the BBC, here are the changes from the last cabinet;


  • Amber Rudd is Energy and Climate Change Secretary, while Anna Soubry and Priti Patel will attend cabinet as small business and employment ministers.
  • Greg Hands is Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
  • Veteran Tory MP John Whittingdale is Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.
  • Sajid Javid is Business Secretary.
  • Robert Halfon is deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister Without Portfolio.
  • Grant Shapps has moved from party chairman to International Development Minister.
  • Boris Johnson is not a minister but will attend separate Tory “political cabinet” meetings.

One other noteworthy appointment is the promotion of George Osbourne to First Secretary of State (basically Deputy PM) a position held by Peter Mandelson in the last Labour government.

Locally, Theresa Villiers remains the Northern Ireland Secretary.

If you want a guide to the current cabinet here it is



  • Sergiogiorgio

    Could be a worse headline – the Prime Minister Ed Milliband and Deputy Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, announce their cabinet, and the end of the UK as we know it….

  • Dan

    Hopefully Amber Rudd isn’t a ‘climate change’ zealot like Ed Davey, though I wouldn’t be surprised she’s as touched in the head as he was.

  • T.E.Lawrence

    Maybe Theresa Villiers can now get her skinny arse up to Twaddell and bring along that “Civic Society” with her ! which she talked about hiding up at a Queens University Debate a few months ago – get every person in the dispute around a table and don’t let them leave the room until a resolution is agreed before we have another charge from the trenches across ‘No Mans Land’ in the 2016 NI Assembly Elections in North Belfast and further polarisation !

  • Simian Droog

    I’m confused, are you hoping for a “Flat Earth” Luddite perhaps?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I find it astonishing SD, that so very many people seem to feel as if we can simply do without the natural world. But I suppose if you believe in the “Rapture” it hardly makes any difference.

    I’m told (by Jan Morris) that the profoundly evangelical General Gordon of Khartoum was a hollow earth theorist like Heinreich Himmler. Perhaps we should be grateful that we are governed by more innocent masters who only go back to the late middle ages for their science.

    For what its worth, poor Amber seems to be rather more Green than the last few, but only time will tell. I think she’s of the “we can save the world and make big time on the deal, too….” school, rather than a fully signed up tree hugger like myself.

  • Simian Droog

    My favourite argument is that Galileo is the perfect example of a modern climate change “sceptic”. His beliefs flying in the face of contemporary knowledge. Except that he was using scientific method and testing to come to his conclusions, Which is exactly what 98% of the scientists who are telling us climate change is an issue are trying to do right now. I haven’t met a climate sceptic that didn’t have an ulterior motive. Or was just very very thick.

  • Croiteir

    Where do people get this 98% from?

  • Simian Droog
  • Croiteir

    Ah yes – the survey destroyed by Bodenstein