Quote of the day: Having your future now *and* eating it later?

Just this from John Stewart on the Today Programme on BBC Radio Four this morning when questioned about Hillary Clinton running for the Whitehouse:

I don’t think anybody knows who’s going to win. Wait. Do you know? Are you from the future? If so, I would like to bet on some games. What happens with these conversations is that it goes into speculation, and no one knows.

[Ah well yes, but we know a man who does – Ed] Do listen to the whole thing here:


  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    I like his subtle satrising of Webb’s line of questioning.

    It’s always amusing when a journalist pursues the “what do you foresee in your crystal ball that the rest of us don’t” particularly when an interviewee responds à la Septic Smeg with gravitas.

    But Stewart is ever the skilled satirist. Nonetheless, I also predict that the next black US President will be only 43 heads of state away. What are the odds on that at Paddy Power?

  • Starviking

    I could tell you who would win, but that would effect the vote, and so change the future…

  • kalista63

    Funny enough, I was just reading an article on The Nation about Cuban Americans and their shift from the GOP, especially in Florida.

    Increasingly, the loudest voices in the GOP sound more and more insane, more and more extreme as if they can’t see that the Tea Party hysteria is now history.

  • tmitch57

    When Madeleine Albright became the first woman secretary of state we only had to wait one male successor before we again had a female secretary and then we had two in a row. While it operates slightly differently for racial minorities because they are a much smaller percentage of the total population than women, the principle is still the same. Obama didn’t run in 2008 primarily as a black candidate–unlike Jesse Jackson in the 1980s–but as a candidate who happened to be black. I think that over time Obama’s presidency will be perceived as successful enough that other talented black candidates will be able to realistically aspire to the presidency. Obama may hurt other candidates without much national experience more than he hurts other blacks.