#EBDebate Live Video Stream & Blog from 18.30 onwards

YouTube video

There’s been much talk of our East Belfast debate tonight between the two frontrunner candidates (Naomi Long and Gavin Robinson) and why people cannot get tickets to go (they were all free for entry, but we needed to control the numbers so there’s no entry tonight without one).

The answer is simply that we were sold out in the first four hours.

So we’ll be trying our best to bring you the best tweets and comments on the night here on this live blog. We are going to try to broadcast a low quality feed via our new (very new) YouTube channel, so with luck you’ll be able to follow some of it live too.

Alan will be there too, to capture the audio and some of highlights so that you don’t miss anything. Uf you want to contribute on Twitter, the hashtag is simply #EBDebate. Hope you enjoy it!